High Five Spoilers Roop Ishq SubhanAllah

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Spoilers Roop: Roop is confused over his career options. He is emotional blackmailed by Shamsher. He tells Ishika that he doesn’t know if he should listen to his dad or his own heart. He wants to become a chef, but Shamsher wants him to become a cop. Roop doesn’t know what to do. He feels stuck in the big decision making. Ishika gives him a solution. She explains him that its up to him to decide, if he values Shamsher’s wish more than his own wish, then he should become a cop and make Shamsher proud.

He gets glad with her advice. Later, Roop gives the practical exam in the hotel and prepares the award winning dish. He gets applauded. He gets the special invites for his family. He wants to take his sisters to the hotel for the welcome party. Shamsher refuses to come. Kamla doesn’t want to send her daughters, but Roop assures their safety. He convinces Bua first, knowing Bua is the trouble maker. Roop and Ishika want to surprise the family and convince Shamsher.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara visit the poor locality and realize the poverty. He gets worried seeing the people dealing with poverty. He wants to help the people. He asks the people if they didn’t get the blankets. The people tell him that they had got the blankets but sold those to get money for living. The people fall ill by cold. Kabeer gets emotional and wants to help them.


Soumya and Harman become parents of Surbhi’s child. Soumya has become a mother to raise the child. She takes care of the little baby. Harman has seen this dream to have a child, but he didn’t know the happiness will get sorrow along. Surbhi dies after delivering the baby. Soumya sinks in sorrow of her sister’s demise. She cries while taking the baby in arms. She can’t forget Surbhi ever. She imagines Surbhi and asks her not to leave her. Preeto consoles Soumya. She tells Soumya that Surbhi has gone away. She asks Soumya to take care of Surbhi’s child if she wants to see Surbhi happy. She tells her that Surbhi has fulfilled her big dream and gave her child. She asks Soumya to love the child and raise him well.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag and Prerna steal a glimpse of each other, while working in the office. Prerna loves him and is clear about her feelings. She doesn’t go to him, thinking her love will be known to him. She thinks her eyes will reflect her feelings and make things odd for him. Anurag calls her up in his cabin. When she refuses to him, he goes out to her and makes excuses to spend time with her. Anurag gets realizing his love for Prerna. He tries to get her attention and wants to know the reason why she is avoiding him.


Imli gets expressing love for Raghav. Imli is very happy, even when she is in jail, just because she has found love again. Chakor just loves Suraj. She can never love Raghav. Imli is aware of this fact and thinks Raghav will just be of her. Imli feels Raghav isn’t Suraj and Chakor will never accept him. She plans a proposal for Raghav. He also wants to propose Chakor for marriage so that he can complete the family. Chakor doesn’t have any feelings for Raghav. Imli wants Raghav desperately. Chakor isn’t aware of Raghav’s feelings for her. Chakor just cares for Raghav, but can never accept him in Suraj’s place. Chakor learns about Imli’s love for Raghav and wants to support her.


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