TR’s HITS: Know Upcoming twists on Star Plus

Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Twists on Star Plus Krishna Chali London: Krishna exposes Veer’s wrong medical practice and complaints about him in the hospital. She reveals how Veer hasn’t attended a patient because of his discrimination. She asks Veer how can he refuse to save a life. She condemns his behavior when he is a big surgeon in London. She asks him to compensate the sick person’s family. She reminds him his duty of a doctor and tells him that he doesn’t have to do a cop’s duty. Veer doesn’t pay heed to her. He asks her to go ahead and do anything she wants. Veer gets troubled when the matter reaches the enquiry committee. Radhe and Krishna want to ensure that Veer gets fired or he repents for his mistake.

Krishna wants justice for the sick person’s family. Veer gets in news for all the wrong reasons just because of Krishna’s allegation. A case is registered against him. He tells Sunaina that he can handle his matters. Krishna and Radhe reveal the entire matter to the committee. Veer tries hard to defend himself, but loses out. His medical license gets cancelled. Veer loses his cool when he is asked to leave London and go back to his home country. Krishna realizes that someone is conspiring against Veer by using them. Radhe doesn’t think so and asks her not to think much. Krishna learns about Veer’s trouble.

She faces the wrath of Veer’s students. Veer is tagged a racist. Krishna realizes that she may have made a mistake. Veer faces humiliation by the committee. Veer is ready to pay any compensation to the sick patient. His career gets at stake. He begs the committee to give him another chance. Veer loses everything when he receives his termination letter. Veer gets broken down and accepts the decision of the committee. He is considered a reason for the defamation of the hospital. Krishna feels sorry for Veer. Veer tells Sunaina that everything got over for him, he can’t practice in London now. He feels he got a big punishment because of Radhe and Krishna. Radhe and Krishna witness his emotional breakdown. Veer and Radhe have a confrontation about their past and present connections. Krishna gets cursed by Sunaina.

Mariam Khan:

Mariam suspects Rifat when she gets a video evidence against her. She wants to know why did Rifat meet Bhakti a day before Bhakti’s death. She meets Rifat and questions her over Bhakti’s death. She asks Rifat if she has got Bhakti killed. She wants to know the truth. She tells Rifat that she will not stop herself from telling the matter to Fawad. When Fawad sees the video evidence, he questions Rifat too. Rifat plays her emotional trump card again. She tells them that she has met Bhakti, since Bhakti had called her and wanted me to stop their marriage. She says Bhakti wanted to marry Fawad some how. Mariam tells him that Rifat is making a fake story and cleanly lying to them.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Kulfi and Amyra don’t want anyone to know their plans. They don’t want Sikandar and Lovely’s union plan to fail. Amyra asks Kulfi to hide their chits, else their parents may get miffed. Kulfi loses a chit. Amyra says if anyone knows that I have written my name on all the chits, it will be a disaster. She doesn’t want to lose Lovely’s trust. She asks Kulfi to help her.


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