Yeh Rishta Big quandary for Naira yet again

Yeh Rishta Big quandary for Naira yet again

Yeh Rishta Big quandary arises in Naira’s mind. Naira and Kirti are happy with the line of surprises set by Kartik and family for them. They like the double celebrations. The family promises them that everything will be double in the family, like two babies, double joy and double blessings. Goenkas and Singhanias celebrate joy in a unique way this time. The themed baby shower function adds up happiness for Naira. The women play a game and imitate their husbands. When Naira’s turn comes, she gets thinking what to tell about Kartik.

She enacts his weird behavior since he is not noticing her much these days. Naira gets confused when her angelic and devilish side influence her mind. Naira gets praising Kartik as he is a loving husband. She tells them how Kartik finds her cute. She has another definition for cute thing. Suwarna and Surekha also imitate Manish and Akhilesh, while everyone shares a good laugh.

Kartik and others get ousted from the function. Akhilesh tells them that they can still go inside by hiding their faces. He makes it possible and arranges some chunris for the men.

The men take a sweet disguise and join the ladies’ function of baby shower. They also sing and dance. They don’t want to miss any fun. The men also participate in the fun games. Naira wants Kartik’s attention. She wonders if her pregnancy is making Kartik away. She wants Kartik to compliment her and express how stunned he is on seeing her. She feels her extra weight and chubby look isn’t pleasing Kartik. Kartik learns Naira’s dilemma over their relationship. He feels he should plan a surprise for her to ensure that she will always be his love, no matter how she changes with time. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to have any wrong thoughts in her mind. He asks her to be free mind and focus on their little bundle of joy.


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