Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Custody drama to bring big twists

Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Custody drama begins: Sikandar tells Tony that Lovely is still his wife and he will not listen to anyone in his matters. Tony wants them to get divorced. Sikandar asks Tony why is he confusing him with his dual personality. Tony tells him that he is doing everything for his daughter, unlike Sikandar who can’t do anything for Amyra. He tells that Lovely will be hurt in his house. He reveals Amyra’s lie and planning with Kulfi to fool everyone. He tells how Amyra is getting spoilt because of Kulfi. Kulfi wants to tell them that Sikandar is her dad. She doesn’t want to trouble Sikandar. Sikandar tells Tony that Kulfi is very dear to him. Kulfi wants Sikandar and Lovely to get together, just like Amyra wishes. Tony asks Sikandar how can he leave his family for the sake of Kulfi.

Kulfi sheds tears seeing the arguments in Lovely’s family. Lovely also joins in the argument and asks Sikandar if he knew the plan. She tells him that Kulfi is not their daughter, they just have to care for Amyra. She tells him that she hates Kulfi, who has snatched him and now Amyra. Sikandar tells her that he will always be with her. She asks him to go and ask Kulfi about her lies. Gunjan doesn’t let Kulfi tell anything to Mohendar. She misleads him. He knows her plans to oust Lovely. He tells her that he has seen Sikandar and Lovely coming closer, but someone has broke their hearts once again.

Sikandar tells Lovely that their relation can get saved again. Lovely tells him that she is tired up because of Kulfi and wants him to either choose her of Kulfi. Tony wants them to get divorced soon. Tony tells Sikandar that Lovely will get Amyra’s full custody and Sikandar won’t have much rights on Amyra. Sikandar gets a huge shock. Tony wants Lovely to listen to him. Sikandar cries thinking of Amyra. He tells Lovely that she has ruined everything once again by snatching Amyra from her. He asks Lovely to see what he can do now. He tells her that Amyra will stay with him. He threatens her that he will not let her take away Amyra. Kulfi gets scared by Gunjan and Mohendar’s rights.

Sikandar wants to talk to his lawyer and want Amyra’s rights. Mohendar asks him to stop the custody drama and call off the divorce. Sikandar tells him that Lovely wants the custody of Amyra. Kulfi finds the family shattered. Sikandar wants to keep Kulfi protected from sorrow. He tells her that she is also like princess like Amyra. Sikandar tells Mohendar that Lovely can’t snatch Amyra, he will not let this happen. He meets Lovely with the custody papers. Amyra learns about the next big mess.


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