Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Bhallas. Parmeet throws an open challenge at Raman to find Ishita if he can. He asks Raman to keep his money to himself. He promises to give a painful death to Ishita. He asks Raman to save Ishita if he can. Raman doesn’t want to spare him. Parmeet threatens his goons and asks them not to make any mistake to double cross him. He tells them that he will kill them if they try to cheat. Simmi asks Ruhi and Aaliya to be happy with the divorce decision. Ruhi wants to know if they are doing right. Simmi tells them that they have to get free of all this soon. Sudha is happy to know that Ruhi and Aaliya have signed the divorce papers. Raman informs the inspector about Ishita’s call and how he has gone to get her from kidnappers.

He tells inspector that Ishita had convinced kidnappers, but Parmeet has warned hi goons. He tells about Parmeet’s threatening. He feels sorry to act smart and asks inspector to arrest Parmeet. He blames Sudha for making Parmeet out of the hospital by cheating police. Raman demands police to check Parmeet.

They find Parmeet in the hospital. Raman feels there is some secret route by which Parmeet is escaping and working out his evil plans. Sudha asks Raman not to act mad in tension if his wife is kidnapped. She asks him to just leave. Sudha meets Simmi and Rohan. She thanks Simmi for taking signs of both the girls. Simmi doesn’t want to talk to Sudha further. Rohan learns Sudha’s evil plans when she reveals that she will ruin Raman and Bhallas. Rohan doesn’t want Sudha to win in her evil plans. He plays the same plan with Sudha and tricks her by ruining her signed divorce papers.

Sudha scolds him for spoiling the papers. He apologizes to her. He asks her to get the papers made again so that he can get the papers signs. Rohan cries and feels sorry. He apologizes to Simmi for breaking her trust. He tells her how Sudha has backstabbed him. He reveals Sudha’s plan to Simmi and tells her that they should go home before Raman arrives. Raman is upset as he couldn’t find Ishita.

He questions Simmi for trusting Rohan. Raman misses Ishita badly. Simmi tells Ruhi and Aaliya that Rohan has learnt Sudha’s plan and failed her. She feels Rohan has changed. Raman scolds Simmi for always chanting Rohan’s name. Simmi and Raman have an argument. Raman doesn’t want Simmi to trouble them more. He reminds Parmeet and her evil plans. He scolds Simmi for always wishing bad for them. He tells her that he doesn’t want to trust her. Simmi tells him that she is innocent this time. He tells her that she is also like her evil husband Parmeet. Simmi tells him that he will be responsible for Ishita’s death because of his over smartness. Raman and Simmi’s relation breaks.


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