Ishqbaaz Negative entry to shatter Oberois

Ishqbaaz Negative entry to shatter Oberois

Ishqbaaz Negative entry next: Aditi meets Shivaansh and gets Nandini along with her. She tells him that she will be staying ith him as his personal guard. She gets the responsibility of his protection, just to spy on him and expose his lies. She has to prove Shivaansh wrong. She has to clear her stand in front of Nandini. Aditi is working hard on the case to expose Shivaansh’s staged kidnapping. Shivaansh gets helpless to allow Aditi to live with them in his house. Angad’s aunt meets Oberois. Shivaansh welcomes Shivani’s in-laws. Bua doesn’t like Shivaansh and his siblings. She reacts on their jokes and calls it misbehavior. She gets pleased on seeing Shivani. Shivaansh introduces Shivaansh. Bua is happy that Shivani holds good values.

She asks about Aditi. Shivaansh tells her that Aditi is his security guard. Bua applies the spiritual kajal to Shivani and expresses her beliefs. She wants Shivani to perform a puja. She asks Radhika to apply the kajal as well.

Shivaansh stops Bua from hurting Radhika’s sentiments. Bua tells him that Radhika has an eye effect that’s why Radhika is refusing for the kajal. She tells them that she has seen the marriage album and found Radhika’s effect. She argues with Shivaansh, when he defends his sister. Bua angrily breaks Shivani and Angad’s alliance. Shivaansh tells Shivani that he will apologize to Bua and make things fine again.


Muskaan takes a bold step and exposes her background truth to Gayatri so that she can unveil Sir ji. Muskaan changes Ronak’s perception towards dancers. There will be a new entry in Ronak and Muskaan’s love story. Ronak doesn’t think he loves Muskaan. With a new guy in their life, Ronak turns jealous and starts feeling for Muskaan. Muskaan’s good friend Sujoy will be bringing Ronak and Muskaan together. Sujoy and Muskaan’s nice bonding will make Ronak insecure and afraid of losing Muskaan.


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