Weekend Spoilers Hits Ishqbaaz and more

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Spoilers Hits Ishqbaaz:Angad’s Bua is unhappy with Oberois. She doesn’t want Oberois to become their relatives. She finds chances to break the alliance. She makes fun of Dhruv and Radhika. She instigates Shivaansh’s anger so that the matter gets worse. She breaks Angad and Shivani’s alliance. She brings sorrow in Shivani’s life. Bua tells Oberois that she feels cheated by them since they have hidden a lot of thing from her. She tells Angad that he will not marry a girl like Shivani, who has many flaws in her family. Shivaansh wants to take a stand for Shivani and save her relation.

Roop and Ishika perform the puja together. Their families join and celebrate the festive of Makar Sankranti. Shamsher doesn’t get along Patel family well. Roop tells Ishika that very soon their families will unite. Roop gets blessed by Ishika’s dad. Roop succeeds to solve Rupesh and Kanchan’s problem. Rupesh and Kanchan get a place back in their family. Roop gets praised. Shamsher accepts Ishika as his bahu. He joins Roop and Ishika’s hands. Ranvir’s truth gets known to Shamsher. Roop gives a lesson on women empowerment.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil dress up as Rajasthani dancers. They try to mislead Tej Pratap. Sahil plays the music. Vedika sings the song. Vedika gives sweets to everyone. Pankti performs dance. They make a plan to save Pankti’s mum. They want to help Pankti. They risk lives to stop Tej’s evil plans. Tej Pratap turned mad and wanted to auction his wife to take revenge for making Pankti flee. Tej uses his wife as a bait to get Pankti back home. Tej ashames his wife by his dirty mentality. Pankti is much disappointed by him. Tej gets suspicious after having the sweets. Everyone faints down after having the sweets.

Sahil frees Pankti’s mum and takes her along to save her life. Pankti’s mum takes a promise from Sahil. She wants Sahil to always take care of Pankti and keep her happy. Pankti knows that Sahil is Vedika’s husband. She gets thankful to Sahil and Vedika. She gets her mum home. Badi Amma and Manjula get hatred for Pankti and her mum. Sahil stops Badi Amma’s anger. He asks Pankti’s mum to stay with them. Sahil jokes to cheer up Pankti. He doesn’t have his memories of Vedika yet. He promises Pankti’s mum that he will always be with Pankti.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi questions Tara about Deep. Vasundara goes mad knowing she has lost Deep. She blames Aarohi, Tara and Virat. She gets hurting her two bahus and tells them that they have killed Deep. Tara stops Vasundara’s madness. Vasundara breaks down. Virat is happy that Deep is dead.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara falls sick. Kabeer wants to rush her to the hospital. Zara refuses to get the treatment done, if her dad or Shahbaz is paying for medical expenses. Zara tells him that she won’t go with him, until he earns money for her treatment. She knows he loves her and will not leave her untreated. She doesn’t know how will Kabeer earn money now. Kabeer and Zara have a clash of opinions. She feels Kabeer should get independent and responsible. Kabeer lifts Zara and puts her in the car, against her will to take her to hospital. He plans to sell his medal to get money and get her treatment done on her conditions.


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