Yeh Rishta Tragic end to Kaira’s happy times

Yeh Rishta Tragic end to Kaira's happy times

Yeh Rishta Tragic end to Goenkas and Singhania’s happiness. Kartik learns about Naksh and Kirti’s fatal accident and gets their location. He runs and covers the distance to reach his loved ones. He sends Naira to the hospital. She stops on the way to pray for her family. She wishes everyone stays fine and happy. Kartik reaches the accident site and witnesses the unthinkable. He didn’t imagine that Naksh and Kirti would land in this state. He runs to them and cries seeing their burnt and injured state. Kartik soon rushes them to the hospital. He asks doctor to provide some first aid since Kirti is pregnant. He gets Manish’s call and fears to tell him about the deadly mishap. He answers the call. Manish gets too scared and asks him if he is fine. He wants to know if Kartik and others are happy. He asks Kartik if they all are fine.

Kartik informs the family about major accident of Kirti and Naksh. The family receives a big shock on hearing this. Kartik tells them that Naira is fine, she would be coming home. He asks them not to tell Naira about the accident.

He asks Manish to come at the hospital and also manage everything at home. Kartik wants Naksh and Kirti to stay safe. Dadi was already sensing the mishap and praying for the children. She didn’t wish them to leave. Naira turns up home and finds the family crying. She tells them about the minor accident. She tells them that she is fine and even baby is fine. She asks them not to worry for her.

She doesn’t learn about Kirti’s accident. The family hides the sorrow from Naira, knowing her state of mind. They pray for Kirti, who is in danger. Kirti gets treated, and still doesn’t get out of danger. She slips in coma. Suwarna informs Kartik that they didn’t tell anything to Naira. Dadi wants to go to the hospital, but stays helpless to stay at home because of Naira. Naira calls Kartik to know when will he return.

She fails to know about Kirti’s coma state and injuries. The family tries to show joy in front of Naira. Naira tells them that she has a good news to share, Kirti’s birthday is round the corner.

She tells them about her preparations for Kirti’s birthday. Suwarna and Dadi shed tears while hiding the sorrow from Naira. Manish reaches Kartik to know about Naksh and Kirti’s state. Naksh too wants to get an answer regarding Kirti. Kartik tells them that Kirti has slipped in coma. Kartik breaks his silence. The family worries for Kirti. The family makes excuses to stop Naira at home. Dadi sends Singhanias to meet Kirti at the hospital. Naksh sheds tears for his dear wife. Everyone misleads Naira about Kirti. Naira wants to know about Naksh and Kirti. Kartik tells the bitter truth to Naira. He reveals to Naira about the major accident which took a toll on Kirti’s life. Naira realizes her bad dream has turned true.


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