Yeh Un Dinon Trouble crops up for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Trouble crops up for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Trouble gets higher for Sameer and Naina. Tai ji insults Bela which Anand couldn’t see. Anand and Bela want to see Naina’s happiness. Anand and Bela are working hard to ensure Naina’s happiness, just like selfless parents do. They love Naina as their own child. They never make Naina feel that she has lost her mother. Rakesh’s behavior towards Naina isn’t like of a doting father. Anand takes a stand for Naina once again. He decides to go against Taya ji and Rakesh. Anand challenges Taya ji that he will get Naina and Sameer’s marriage done and with all the happiness and blessings. He promises that he won’t let any hindrance affect the happiness of the children. He tells them that he will be the first person to face hurdles in their way. He is sure to stop anyone who would try to cancel their marriage. He decides to talk to Vishaka.

Sameer is upset with his family and finds solace in Naina’s company. Both of them make each other have food. Sameer couldn’t believe that their families had conspired against them to break the alliance. Anand comforts Sameer and offers support to their relation. Naina and Sameer meet in the college drama room.

Sameer sits on the play horse while Naina stands near the palanquin and asks him if their dream which they saw with open eyes will be fulfilled. Sameer promises her that he will fulfill their dream and will come to her house on a horse and will take her with him. He is sure that their love will cross all the hurdles and accomplish. Naina wants to head to Sameer’s house in the palanquin. Sameer tells her that she has to keep faith in him and also her family. He wants to deal with his family’s opposition smartly. Naina and Sameer hope for their marriage and happy union.


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