Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

TR’s Happy Weekend: Spoilers Hits

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Spoilers Hits Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep and Aarohi find Abhimanyu dead. They can’t believe that someone has killed Abhimanyu. Aarohi recalls her journey with Abhimanyu, since he had much supported her. Aarohi breaks down and cries for Abhimanyu. She tells Deep that someone had planned Abhimanyu’s murder. Deep consoles Aarohi. He didn’t wish a bad end for Abhimanyu. Deep and Aarohi doubt on Gurumaa, Tara and Virat. Upasana gets the case of solving Abhimanyu’s murder. Upasana and Virat try to solve the case and find the real murderer. Virat suspects Vasundara and reaches her for interrogation.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Manjula taunts Guddu and gets upset with him on seeing him with Arya. Guddu is happy to have a relation with Arya. He gets a ring for Arya by his hard earned money. He plans Arya’s birthday. He wants to propose Arya. Manjula tells Guddu that he can not keep Arya happy. She asks him why did he get such a small ring, if he boasts of his true love. He is doing everything by heart. He doesn’t want to show off his love by materialistic things. Vedika supports him. She tells Manjula that Guddu has bought the ring by his hardwork, its worth a million bucks. She asks Manjula to value Guddu’s efforts and emotions.

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Guddu gets glad that at least Vedika understands him. She likes the ring and compliments his choice. Guddu turns grateful to her for the support. Guddu goes to meet Arya. He saves Arya from falling down. They have a moment. The neighbor women get to sight them together. They barge inside the house to blame Arya and insult her. They taunt Arya for having a bad character. The women try to blacken Arya’s face. Vedika and Sahil protect Arya. Vedika doesn’t let anyone accuse Arya. She throws the women out and doesn’t give them any rights to question Arya. She tells them that Arya has a freedom to decide for her life, nobody can compel her or teach her limits. He asks them to stay in limits. Sahil also lectures the women and defends Arya. He doesn’t remember his relations with Vedika and Arya, but always stands by them.

Roop: Shamsher has shot Ranvir. Bua learns this news and tells them that she didn’t wish to lose her son. Shamsher is much angry. He tells them that Ranvir has fled from the police custody. He asks them not to take Ranvir’s name again in the house. He doesn’t reveal the complete truth to Roop and Ishika. He wants things to get normal at home. Shamsher consoles Bua.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar falls in Zeenat’s words and pushes Zara off the balcony. Zara falls down the balcony and hangs down. She asks Ruksar not to hurt her. Ruksar scolds her for hurting her. She gets flashes of her past and recalls her enmity with Zara. She has pushed Zara down. She finds Zara hanging down and throws flowers pot at her to make her fall. Ruksar is blindly believing Zeenat. Zeenat is taking advantage of Ruksar’s kiddish state. Zara shouts for help. The people see Zara hanging down.

Kabeer reaches at the hospital and sees Zara in danger. He gets worried for her and tells her that he is coming upstairs to save her, she shouldn’t let her hands slip. Kabeer rushes and stops Ruksar from hurting Zara first. Kabeer manages to rescue Zara and pulls her up by suspending a bedsheet. He scolds Ruksar for attempting to kill Zara. Zeenat thinks Ruksar will be forgiven by everyone since she isn’t mentally fine. Aisha learns Ruksar’s crime and slaps her hard. Zeenat fears that her involvement can get known to the family. She instructs Ruksar not to reveal her name to anyone.







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