Yeh Un Dinon Sweet memories and a dreamy home

Yeh Un Dinon Sweet memories and a dreamy home

Yeh Un Dinon Sweet memories and more. Sameer’s friends tease him by snatching the wedding invite. They tell him that they will read the wedding invite for him. Sameer then checks his wedding invitation card. He gets too happy reading Naina and his name. His friends congratulate Sameer. Sameer thanks his friends for making this day possible for him. They suggest Sameer to keep the first wedding invite in front of the deity. Sameer rushes to meet Naina and share his joy that they are soon getting married. He shows her their wedding invite. Sameer and Naina plan to have their own dream house.

They get dreaming about their own small world. He gets Naina to a place where he plans to build a house. He shows her the house layout map and tells Naina what all he has planned. He makes her imagine along with him and shows her all the corners of the house. Naina gets too happy. He tells her that he will have a car in the garden area, they will be going out on drive in their car and romance. He falls asleep while dreaming about their home sweet home. Naina gets too happy with the imaginative small world of their love. She wishes this soon turns true.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:

Satya frames Samar and tells Jaya that Samar is trying to kill her. Samar was just scaring Satya to make her admit the truth. Satya lays the trap and backfires Samar’s plan. She asks Jaya to save her from Samar. She wants her to call the police. Samar tells them that its a family matter, they don’t need to call the police. Jaya scolds Samar for taking her mum’s life. She asks him how can he plot such a crime. She didn’t imagine Samar will have such enmity with Satya. She asks Samar to see Satya’s state, she can’t even walk. Nani asks Jaya to realize that Satya has got fine, she is on her feet.

She asks Jaya to thank Samar, since his shock therapy has worked to help Satya recover. Jaya happily hugs Satya. Samar gets applauded by Nani for making Satya Devi recover. Nani knows Satya’s drama. She scolds Satya for breaking Jaya and Samar’s beautiful bond. She doesn’t want Satya for breaking Jaya’s marriage. Satya tells her mum that she can’t stand Samar, he isn’t right for Jaya.


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