Silsila Twist Mauli revives Kunal from death

Silsila Twist Mauli revives Kunal from death

Silsila Twist Mauli makes the prayers for the stranger, unaware that the stranger fighting for life is Kunal. She gets to see the stranger is responding to treatment now. She wishes he stays fine. She gets a huge shock when she finds Kunal alive. She realizes that she has been praying for Kunal and turns happy to find him alive. She thanks God that he is alive. She tells the doctor that she knows Kunal well. Doctor tells her that Kunal got admitted by some villagers. He tells her that Kunal is in trauma and still critical. Mauli asks him to save Kunal by some way. She tells the doctor that Kunal is her family. Mauli calls up Ishaan to give the good news.

Sandhya wants Ishaan to get Mishti home. She doesn’t want Mishti to bond with Pari more. Ishaan learns the shocking news and gets glad to know that Pari didn’t lose her father. Mauli tells him that Kunal is alive, he is admitted for treatment. She calls it a miracle. Ishaan congratulates her for the good news.

He tells her that he will give the news to Radhika and Dida as well. Pari cries for Kunal and refuses to have food on Radhika’s insistence. Mishti does a sister’s duty and bonds with Pari in sorrow. She promises to be with Pari and makes her eat the food. Dida wishes that their love stays the same always.

Ishaan reaches them with the good news. Mauli asks Kunal not to give up and fight back for the sake of Pari. She asks him to come back for his family. She finds him showing signs of life when he responds to her words. Doctor asks Mauli to stay with Kunal and sense more response. He tells her that Kunal will recover soon. Mauli wishes Kunal gets fine. Sandhya is afraid that Ishaan will know her manipulations and hate her. She doesn’t want Ishaan to know anything. She gets brainwashed by Sweety. She also wants to reach the hospital and manage the matter.

Mauli meets the family at the hospital and shares her joy with them, since Kunal is returning to them. Pari tells Mauli that Kunal never breaks his promises and can kept the promise even this time. The family prays for Kunal’s recovery.

Ishaan finds Mauli happy. Pari wishes to meet Kunal. Mishti and Pari meet Kunal and cry seeing his state. They promise to stay as friends and ask him to come back to them. Radhika shares her happiness with Sandhya. Sandhya also expresses her good intentions and happiness over the good news. Radhika tells her that she doesn’t wish anyone to experience such a pain. Sandhya wants to teach Pari that she shouldn’t tell anyone about her words. She doesn’t want Ishaan to learn the incident, which made Pari leave the house. She gets threatening Pari about Kunal. She asks Pari to keep few things under wraps, else she will be losing Kunal again. She scares Pari and convinces her by her talks. Pari doesn’t want to hide anything from Kunal. Sandhya hurries with Mauli and Ishaan’s marriage.


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