High Five Spoilers Twists in Kulfi Kumar Shakti

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry of Kumar Sanu

Spoilers Twists in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely, Amyra and Kulfi fall in grave danger, when the trio get stuck at the railway tracks. Lovely has deliberately put herself at risk to test Sikandar’s love. She takes a mad step to know if he will choose her or Kulfi. She gets unsure that Sikandar will opt for her. To assure that he chooses her, she gets Amyra with her and puts her life at stake too. Sikandar can’t see little Amyra in trouble. He soon learns that even Kulfi is caught up badly and is in danger.

He doesn’t understand whom to choose first and save. He sees the train reaching close to hit Lovely and Amyra. Lovely worries for Amyra’s life and pushes her away from the track, standing alone and risking her life. Sikandar runs and rescues Lovely. He proves his love for Lovely and Amyra. He realizes another train approaching towards Kulfi and receives a big shock. Kulfi gets scared for her life and makes a sacrifice for Sikandar.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya imagines Jai all the time. Jai also realizes his love for Aadhya. Jai gets a disguise of a kidnapper and enters her house. He sees her sleeping. He dances and tells her that he has come to kidnap her. He lifts her and takes her from the window.

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi: Satya Devi gets Samar arrested. He lands behind bars because of Satya’s new move. She traps him in a fraud case. Samar knows Satya’s plans and acts relieved and calm. He wants to expose her drama. He is sure that he can end her evil thinking some day by being positive. She asks him to divorce Jaya if he wants to get out of the jail. Samar tears the papers. He tells her that he will never leave from Jaya’s life. He challenges her that Richa will be soon marrying her lover and going away from the house. He tells Satya that she will always sense him around, since he has left a big impression on Richa’s mind. Samar gets released. Satya withdraws the case. She plays a new game with him. He is aware of all her drama.

Sukhwinder and his wife take disguise and pass the coconut bomb to Harman to kill him and his entire family in the temple. Soumya overhears Sukhwinder’s plans and runs to take a big risk to save her family. Soumya learns about the bomb inside the coconut and stops Harman from taking the coconut near the havan fire for puja. She runs away from the temple and throws the coconut far. Harman runs after Soumya to know the matter. They see the big explosion. They realize someone’s conspiracy. Soumya faints down by the affect of the explosion. She succeeds to save everyone. Harman rushes Soumya home. Soumya tells them that it was a plan of their enemies to kill Harman.

Sitara gets close to realize her powers. She doesn’t know about her huge powers which can give or take someone’s life. She gets hypnotized by her mum Vrinda. She tries to save Surili’s life. She gets in trouble. She fails to handle her powers and faints down. Surili wants to take Sitara to Vishlok. Sitara’s dad Kuldeep and Guru ji get worried for Sitara. Kuldeep reaches her to the room. He wants to save Sitara and keep her away from Vishkanya. He doesn’t want Sitara to know that she is also a Vishkanya. Meanwhile, Viraj plans a birthday party to surprise Sitara.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham and Murari fall in new trouble. The entire family get to know about the cake man. The cake man throws cake at the men who talk to women. Pancham talks to Ilaychi and gets hit by the cake. When Murari talks to Sunita, he also gets to bite the cake. Karuna asks Murari not to talk to any stranger woman again. Pancham fails to break Ilaychi’s alliance with someone. He backbites about Ilaychi, but the guy finds everything positive about Ilaychi. Murari likes the guy and his richness. He feels his would be son-in-law will handle all his problems. He fixes Ilaychi’s marriage. Pancham knows Ilaychi’s unhappiness.


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