Five Spoilers Aapke Aa Jane Se Sitara

Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil to regain his memories

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Aapke Aa Jane Se Pankti, Sahil and Vedika apply haldi to Arya. They dance and express their happiness to Arya and Guddu. They get the entire family to share their joy. Pankti is succeeded since Sahil is recovering his memories gradually. Arya’s Sangeet ceremony brings new celebrations. Vedika and Sahil perform in the Sangeet. They both look gorgeous and dance well. Vedika loses her balance, but Sahil reaches to hold her in time. They share a moment. Vedika gets emotional when Sahil plays Arya’s childhood memories on the screen. Arya and Guddu get a big shock when a video plays on the screens.

They see Arya with her ex-boyfriend in the video. Arya fails to explain Guddu. She doesn’t know who has done this. Vedika and Sahil worry for Arya and try to handle the matter. Guddu’s sister tries to break the alliance because of Arya’s past. She gets insulting Arya. Guddu supports Arya. He tells everyone that Arya has told him everything about her past, and they don’t have any secrets. He tells them that he has accepted Arya by knowing her past. He pacifies Arya and promises to always support her. Vedika gets glad that Arya got a good life partner. She doesn’t want Arya to face troubles by Guddu’s family.







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