Kulfi Kumar Big twist Sikandar regrets to abandon Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Big twist Sikandar regrets to abandon Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Big twist. Kulfi and Amyra share their pain. They both are scared after the train incident. Kulfi tells Amyra that if she had died, Sikandar would have never learnt that she is his daughter. She tells Amyra that she is much scared, feeling she has lost his hero, Sikandar had seen her and didn’t save her life. She feels bad that she has lost everything, even Sikandar after this day. Amyra tells her that she is with her. Kulfi knows even Amyra will leave her. She asks Amyra to free her from the promise, so that she can tell him that she is his daughter. Amyra doesn’t want to take her promise back. She asks Kulfi to not disclose this truth. Kulfi feels Amyra is very selfish and cheated her. She wants her answers from Sikandar. She feels bad for considering Sikandar as her own.

She is heartbroken that his care and concern are fake. Sikandar apologizes to her for not choosing her. He tells her that it was a tough decision for him to choose Lovely and Amyra, since they were at bigger risk. She confronts him for not saving her and leaving her to die. She tells Sikandar why did he deceive her by breaking his promise. She wants to know the reason that his love fell flat.

Sikandar tells Kulfi that she has done many favors on him and made him live his life in real sense. He feels indebted to her. He breaks down and apologizes for breaking her heart. He feels guilty to not keep his promise. Kulfi feels Sikandar has left her alone. She misses Nimrat.

Sikandar and his fan Nimrat sing a song to cheer up Kulfi. Sikandar tries to connect to Kulfi’s heart again. He tells her that he is shattered within by distancing her. Kulfi doesn’t forgive him. Lovely meets him and tells him that she is glad to win his love. He scolds her for competing with a little girl and winning him. He reprimands her for testing him by putting three lives in danger. He asks her if she is mad to think of dying. He finds Lovely very sick minded. He asks Lovely if she hates Kulfi so much that she wanted to kill her. He asks her to realize that Amyra would have died as well if he didn’t reach there on time. She tells him that Kulfi has risked her life on her own, she didn’t get Kulfi at the railway tracks. She tells Sikandar that Kulfi is nobody in their lives.

Sikandar raises a hand on her in anger. He tells her that he has chosen her being helpless, since Kulfi was too far from him. He tells Lovely that Kulfi is everything for him and he wanted to choose Kulfi, he would have ran to her if she was close. He tells Lovely that his breath and heart are connected to Kulfi. He gets angry on Lovely for making Kulfi away. He tells her what Kulfi means to him. Lovely gets an answer from him and understands that their relation is dying.

She takes a rash decision again and calls off her marriage. Kulfi learns the entire matter and gets clear of Sikandar’s decision. She realizes that Sikandar wanted to save her. She cries for Sikandar’s marriage coming to an end. Nimrat gets glad that Lovely is out of Sikandar’s life. She wants to marry Sikandar. She recalls the manipulations she has made to enter Sikandar’s house. Nimrat aims to win Sikandar’s heart by being good towards Kulfi.


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