Kulfi Kumar Accident twist to strike Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Accident twist to strike Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Accident twist. Nimrat wants to win Sikandar’s heart by using Kulfi. She recalls how she has saved Kulfi to impress Sikandar. She wants to distance Lovely and Sikandar. She wants to marry Sikandar so that Lovely gets out of their lives forever. Kulfi bonds with Sikandar on seeing him crying. Sikandar wants her to forgive him once. He wants to explain her that he wanted to choose her, knowing she is his life. Kulfi feels sorry. He asks her not to cry. He feels guilty that he has betrayed her in return of her love. He didn’t keep his promise to save her. He tells her that she was too far from him, and he went to save Lovely. He feels miserable. He tells her that he doesn’t deserve happiness. He wants a punishment.

He thinks his family will leave him, he will never get his loved ones. Nimrat feels bad seeing him crying. She wants to love him and complete his world. She is sure that her love will make her forget everything. Kulfi finds a motherly figure in Nimrat and shares her pain.

Nimrat asks her not to take stress and stay together with Sikandar. She tells Kulfi that Lovely and Sikandar are having problems, just because of Lovely. She finds Lovely a selfish person. Kulfi tells Nimrat that Lovely has a problem with her, Lovely dislikes her. Nimrat tells her that nobody can dislike her, after all she is so cute. She wants to show Kulfi that everything will get fine if she enters Sikandar’s life. She loves Kulfi as her daughter. Kulfi imagines her mother in Nimrat. Nimrat sings a bhajan and pleases Sikandar. She wants to win Sikandar and his family by her good side. She starts working on her plans to win their trust. Sikandar gets influenced hearing Nimrat’s melodious bhajan.

He blesses Nimrat. Kulfi sees her mother in the new girl and wants her to be with Sikandar. She gets happy seeing them. She feels her family looks completed. Biji’s mind gets calm hearing the bhajan. Nimrat acts humble.

She prepares Kulfi and Sikandar’s favorite food. She brings Kulfi close to him, so that Sikandar comes close to her as well. Sikandar gets happy and thinks Kulfi has forgiven him when she laughs along. Kulfi gets upset again. Nimrat asks her to feed the sweets to Sikandar. Kulfi stays annoyed. Sikandar thanks Nimrat for her efforts. Gunjan tells them that she can’t see Lovely hurting Sikandar.

Nimrat tells her that its important to keep the family united. She shows her nice thinking to them. Biji gets pleased with Nimrat’s lovely talks. She praises Nimrat’s morals. Nimrat wants to spoil Lovely’s mood. She sends a video to Lovely so that Lovely knows that Sikandar’s family wants her out. She wants Kulfi to help her. Lovely gets angered seeing the video. She realizes that Nimrat is making a place in Sikandar’s life. Lovely blames everyone for ruining her marriage. Sikandar gets deeply hurt when he meets with an accident.


  1. M not a daily soaps fan.. but kkb has made me addicted..I watch it on hotstar as I don’t get time to watch TV ..busy schedule.. but since the new character nimrat is come it’s becoming like any other tv serial .. looks like kulfi is not the centre of attraction but ssg is ..lovely ,amayra, kulfi,nimrat all fighting for him.. m not liking it now


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