Udaan Imli turns negative Raghav gets tortured

Udaan Republic day Twist for Chakor-Raghav

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Udaan Republic day Twist. Chakor gets admitted in the hospital. Raghav asks doctor to treat her and remove the snake poison. Imli prays for Chakor. Imli has learnt that Chakor is also in love with Raghav. She feels she should step back. She wants to unite Chakor and Raghav. Raghav wants Chakor to accept his love, so that he doesn’t feel guilty. Tejaswini also wants Raghav to complete the family by marrying Chakor. She doesn’t want Anjor to know Raghav’s truth so soon. Chakor realizes her love for Raghav. When Imli asks Chakor to confess if she really loves Raghav, Chakor accepts her feelings. Imli asks Chakor to accept Raghav. She frees Raghav from her love. Imli moves out of their love. She asks Raghav to meet Chakor, maybe she needs him. Raghav meets Chakor.

He asks her not to stress about his love, since he doesn’t want to trouble her by his one-sided love. He feeds her the medicines. He gets happy when Chakor finally ends his wait. Chakor realizes his love when he looks after her selflessly. Chakor admits her love for Raghav. Chakor says I love you to him and hugs him. They have a moment.

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Chakor finds Imli crying and worries for her. She doesn’t want Imli to go towards the evil path. She doesn’t wish to leave Imli alone. She asks Raghav to marry Imli to keep her positive. Imli surprises them by joining their hands. She tells them that she doesn’t want to between their love. Chakor and Raghav plan to celebrate republic day with happiness and freedom. Chakor and Anjor raise the flags and stay happy. Bhanu gets revengeful and wants to kill Chakor’s family. He wants to ruin Chakor and Raghav’s happiness.


Sitara and Viraj are in love. Viraj misses her and imagines her everywhere. He gets Sitara to the market. He gifts her a dress and bangles. He is happy seeing her happy. He asks her to shop whatever she wants. She doesn’t know that he has a plan on mind. She isn’t aware that Viraj has started loving her and now he has a plan to confess his love. Viraj tells Sitara that he would always want her to stay happy. He knows her birthday is close. He doesn’t wish her and gives her small surprises. He wants to plan a grand birthday for Sitara. She doesn’t understand his gestures. Viraj throws a birthday party for Sitara. Their love story will be seen.







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