Kulfi Kumar Heart attack twist for Sikandar and Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Heart attack twist for Sikandar and Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Heart attack twist. Lovely gets angry knowing Gunjan’s plan to oust her. Nimrat meets Lovely to add up her anger. She tells how worried is Sikandar. She asks Lovely to meet Sikandar and try to relieve him of fights. Lovely scolds her knowing her intentions. She asks Nimrat to stop her drama. Nimrat tells her that she is a guest and she will leave in few days. She wants to help Lovely. She snatches Lovely’s phone and deletes the video from her phone. She does this drama to prove Lovely wrong. Lovely tells Sikandar that his family wants him to marry Nimrat. She doesn’t want this to happen. She tells Sikandar that Nimrat has to leave from their house. She tells them that she will not let Nimrat take her place. She reprimands the family for never understanding her.

Sikandar takes a stand for Nimrat, since she acts innocent. Nimrat acts positive and tells them that she will leave from the house. Her emotional blackmail doesn’t end. Kulfi asks Sikandar to stop Nimrat in the house. Sikandar apologizes to Gunjan and Nimrat. Nimrat doesn’t want Gunjan to have any problems and fakes an apology.

Lovely asks her to just leave without any drama. Nimrat tries to use Kulfi in her drama. Kulfi falls in her words and asks her not to go. She asks Sikandar to stop Nimrat. Sikandar is happy that Kulfi is believing him again. He doesn’t want to break her trust. Sikandar stops Nimrat and vents anger on Lovely. He tells Lovely that their relation is over and now he will never listen to her. He asks Lovely to go to his house. Nimrat wants to marry Sikandar.

She sees her dream turning true. Lovely leaves in anger. She apologizes to Amyra for her madness and asks her not to hate her. She promises to make everything fine. Kulfi talks to her mum Nimrat and gets believing the new Nimrat. Sikandar is troubled by Lovely. He recalls how he has always faced the sorrow because of Lovely. He doesn’t know why he has to sacrifice his relations because of Lovely.

He falls off the treadmill when he races against the time. Kulfi and family find Sikandar lying unconscious and fear to lose him. They rush Sikandar to the hospital. Kulfi wants to tell Sikandar the truth that she is his daughter. Doctor checks Sikandar’s reports and treats him. She breaks the shocking news to the family that Sikandar has suffered an heart attack. She tells about Sikandar’s critical condition. Kulfi scolds the doctor for saying such a bad thing. Kulfi feels Sikandar is punishing her this way. She wants to save Sikandar. She begs the doctor to save him, since she loves him a lot. Kulfi breaks the truth to Sikandar that she is his daughter. She attempts to revive Sikandar. Kulfi also collapses when she sees Sikandar losing his pulse and lying breathless. Will Sikandar and Kulfi survive? Keep reading.


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