Be healthy and energetic with simple changes in routine

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Be healthy and energetic. This year, many people made New Year goals to improve their health, behavior, lifestyle and finances. However, with time they tend to lose focus of their goals and the promises they made on the first day of the year. Every individual on the earth want to live a happy and healthier life. If you want a great life, you must commit to leading a great and successful life. You should embrace the fact that life is short and unpredictable, so you have to take your own decisions to lead a happy and greatest life. For leading a happier and healthier life, adapt the necessary changes in your life. You can even keep a notebook and write about which changes you made and how they worked for you.

1. Be Active: Sitting idle all day is unhealthy for both the mind and the body. Walk every morning for at least a couple of minutes for a sound body and mind. Play with your family and friends or make family laughter club that make everyone laugh, or play tug-of-war with the kids.
2. Go out on weekend: Weekend activities are very important and effective to recharge your mind and body after the hectic work schedules. Do something new and different on weekend like a visit to a nearby park with family or friends to get some exercise, fresh air and social interaction or shopping with family.

3. Sleep well: Adults have to sleep at least eight hours at night. Getting enough sleep will enable you to do your best work and help in handling daily challenges. If you sleep for less than eight hours per night, it can greatly affect your health. Shut down the Internet at least an hour before bed. And don’t exercise just before bedtime, as that increases your blood circulation. You have to clear your mind before sleeping, so watch television or read a book or magazine.

4. Eat Well: You have to make your body strong and healthy by eating sufficient diet but make sure to avoid Trans Fats or Trans fatty acid as they can make you feel depressed. Trans fats are used in many processed foods like baked cookies and cakes. Be healthy with the regular consumption of super foods. Make a plan to include more vitamin-packed super foods in your diet. These foods keep you healthy and more energetic. For example, you can try preparing foods such as salmon, kale, mushrooms, broccoli, avocados, beans, walnuts, and whole grains.


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