Yeh Rishta Kartik fears of losing his relations

Yeh Rishta Kartik fears of losing his relations

Yeh Rishta Kartik fears turn true. Naksh welcomes Naira’s baby with all his love and best wishes. He wants Naira to stay happy with her baby. He tells her that he will never let his grief come between her happiness. Kartik feels the happiness they got is a lie. Dadi asks Kartik why is he so upset. Kartik feels selfish and blames himself. He knows that he has cheated everyone. He hides the big truth from Dadi. Naksh takes the entry in Goenka house, playing dhol and makes it certain that he is happy for Kartik and Naira. This makes Kartik weep within. He doesn’t want the truth to come out, which will be exposing his selfish motives.

He tries to keep the nurse away from the family. The nurse knows the truth of baby swapping. Dadi hires the nurse to look after Naira and baby for few days. Dadi thinks the nurse is genuinely good-hearted and reliable.

Kartik gets afraid seeing the nurse at home. He asks her to leave without saying a word. He tells her that she should never meet his family. He doesn’t want to take any chance for the truth to surface. Nurse assures him that she will always conceal the truth. Naira finds Kartik blasting anger on the nurse and asks him the reason.

Naira wants to know what’s bothering Kartik so much and why is he behaving so weird. Kartik turns helpless to agree with the family and allow the nurse for the job. Naira and the entire family decide to take care of the little baby. They love the baby a lot. The baby cries and misses his parents. Naira doesn’t know that to do to pacify the child. She hugs the baby and wonders why isn’t the baby getting consoled. Kartik feels bad to separate a baby from parents. He knows that its Kirti and Naksh’s baby and is longing for them. Kartik can’t see the baby crying and wants baby to be happy. Kartik tells Naira that baby will calm down soon. He thinks to take the baby to Kirti soon. The family dance and entertain the baby.

The Goenkas try hard and fail to pacify the baby. Naira wants to connect with her child. Lav and Kush sing a lullaby for baby and pacify the baby. Naira and Kartik pray for the baby’s well being and also plan to make baby pray for Kirti’s recovery.

Lav and Kush are happy to play with the baby. Naira is sure that baby will understand mother’s touch soon. She tells Kartik that baby isn’t understanding her touch since he is too small. Kartik knows the entire truth and feels sorry.

Jiji Maa: Suyash turns inhumane towards the poor worker and also cancels their home loans in anger. He tells them that they have done a big mistake to complain about him and join Falguni. Falguni is fighting for the workers right. She protests against Suyash and stays outside Rawat mansion. She goes on hunger strike. She is sure that Suyash loves her and will accept worker’s demands at least for her sake. She learns the new threat on Suyash’s life and manages to save him. Suyash and Falguni isn’t aware of the enemy Abhishek. They will be soon learning the big truth that Laddoo is their son Govind.

Sir ji wants Ronak to marry Kajal. Ronak wants to move on in life for the sake of Gayatri. He really tries to win Kajal’s heart and tries the tips of radio jockey AKR, who is Ishq Guru. Ronak follows the steps to please Kajal, while Sujoy also follows the same tips to win Muskaan’s heart. Ronak and Muskaan try to move on with their respective life partners. Sujoy plans to propose Muskaan for marriage, and finds love in her friends. He isn’t aware that Muskaan was in love with Ronak before.


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