Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Hopes clung; Kulfi breaks out big truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Hopes clung; Kulfi breaks out big truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Hopes clung. Doctors struggle to save Sikandar, and wonder why are the medicines not affecting him. He gives up his willingness to live. Kulfi doesn’t want anything to happen to Sikandar, since she has already lost her mum. She wants to tell him that she is his daughter. She feels she should be with her. Kulfi worries on seeing Sikandar’s state getting critical. Sikandar takes Kulfi’s name in such a critical state. Doctor gets Kulfi inside the operation theatre on seeing him constantly taking Kulfi’s name. Biji wonders how did Sikandar get a heart attack when he is young and fit. Mohendar knows that its due to the high stress in Sikanda’s life. Kulfi gets troubled by the elders’ fight and hides to get inside the operation theatre. She gets close to revive Sikandar.

Kulfi’s touch gives her a willingness to live. Sikandar finds Kulfi along with him and apologizes to her. Kulfi wants him to get fine. Nimrat tries to influence Gunjan by her emotional talk. Kulfi asks Sikandar to get up for her sake and not punish her. She asks him to get up, she can’t lose him. Sikandar loses his breath. Kulfi too loses herself and faints down suddenly, when her dreams shatter with his leaving. Kulfi also gets treated by the doctors, who try to revive her at the same time.

Kulfi visits the heaven again and meets Nimrat. She also spots Sikandar in heaven and asks him the reason for being there. Sikandar and Kulfi sing and unite in heaven. They feel their desire got fulfilled and they found the peace finally. They unite in the heaven. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to ask him to come back, since he has got much tired of his life. She asks him to come back with her, else even she won’t return. She asks him not to leave her, since Nimrat has already left her.

Kulfi tells him that he is her father and she can’t leave him. Sikandar gets moved knowing this truth and realizes Kulfi is his daughter. He tells her that he is very lucky to get a daughter like her. He wonders why he couldn’t recognize her, when his music has recognized her. He gets happy that Kulfi is his own blood. She tells him that she didn’t tell him before as she has promised someone. She shouts out that she is his daughter and now she is not bound by any promises. Their souls unite in heaven. Lovely and Amyra try to meet Sikandar. Biji and Mohendar stop Lovely from meeting Sikandar. They call off Sikandar and Lovely’s marriage, knowing Lovely is responsible for his deadly state. Kulfi tries to get Sikandar back with her to resume their lives.



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