Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shootout Shocking twist for Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge twists with a new Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shootout Shocking twist. Raman behaves weird at his office because of the drugs. Ishita calls up Shweta and asks her to record the function and send her the video. Ishita gets happy seeing everyone gracing the occasion of Republic day. Rohan gives the good idea of charity instead of losing the money on decorations and fake put up. He gets applauded for the same. Rohan gets happy when he gets the credit for the day. He represents the youth of today’s times. Aaliya gets happy seeing the family praising Rohan. Sudha doesn’t want Rohan to go to Bhallas and show his loyalty. She knows that Bhallas will throw him out after Raman’s shocking incident. Rohan is happy to get some attention from Aaliya.

He wishes that she forgives him and starts trusting him. He wants to end her annoyance and seeks help from Pihu. Pihu asks him to just apologize to Aaliya by his heart. Raman feels unwell and vents anger on his staff. He learns that minister has come in the event. He goes to welcome the minister in that drugged state. Ishita tells Shagun that Sudha has come to take her sons home. Shagun tells her that she has invited Yug for dinner, but Yug had to leave in hurry since Mani was arriving home. She assures that she will get a job for Ranbir. Ishita and Shagun spend time with their daughters and stay happy.

Sudha finally reveals her plan to Karan. She tells him that Raman will be found in the event carrying a gun. Raman gets dizzy while he attends the minister and welcomes him well. He visualizes Parmeet in him and loses his control. Ishita and her family are at peace at the society function. Rohan tends to win Aaliya’s heart. Aaliya gets interrupted by Sudha again. Karan asks Sudha not to get herself insulted by Rohan and Bhallas. He wants Sudha to come with him. Rohan asks Sudha to leave.

Sudha wants Rohan to come home with her, but he is stubborn. Sudha tells Karan that she won’t leave until she gets the good news of her plan working out. Everyone gets to see the shocking news of Raman’s madness. They get scared seeing Raman threatening to kill the minister. They wonder how did Raman get the gun. Sudha taunts Ishita and asks if Raman has lost his mental balance. Ishita gets angry on Sudha and asks her to get lost. Sudha is sure that Ishita can’t save Raman this time. Sudha tells Karan that this is her plan and now no one can stop Raman, which will lead to Bhallas ousting Rohan from the house. Ishita reaches Raman to put a stop to his madness.


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