Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Big Decision to stun all

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Big Decision to stun all

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Big Decision. Gunjan proposes Nimrat’s name for Sikandar. She tells Biji that Sikandar and Nimrat should get married. She doesn’t think Lovely can save the marriage now. Kulfi learns about the elders’ decision. Gunjan is sure that Sikandar will fall in love with Nimrat. Nimrat and Kulfi overhear the discussion. Sikandar gets angered with Gunjan. Sikandar tells Mohendar that he is fed up fighting with Lovely. He wants to give up on the relation. Lovely scolds Gunjan for breaking her marriage. She tells them that she is still Sikandar’s wife. She wants to ask Sikandar about Nimrat. She calls Kulfi the root of all the problems. She misbehaves with Kulfi and Nimrat. Lovely tells Kulfi that she is the reason for all the sorrow. She asks Kulfi not to call herself Amyra’s friend, since friends don’t backstab.

She doesn’t want to go until Sikandar commands her. Sikandar hears Lovely shouting and stops her. Kulfi asks Sikandar not to get angry on Lovely. Lovely reminds his words and asks him why is he distancing her. Sikandar decides to divorce Lovely. He feels the relation is unwanted and can’t get saved at any cost.

He apologizes to Lovely and asks her to leave. He tells her that he has accepted defeat, they can’t drag the already dead relation. He declares his decision that he will always choose Kulfi over her. He breaks Lovely’s heart. He ends his marriage with Lovely. Lovely gets depressed. Sikandar explains his decision to Amyra. He tells her that broken relations can’t be mended with ease. He asks her to accept the fact and move on. He didn’t wish to make her choose her one parent. He tells her that he tried hard to keep the marriage but he has failed. Amyra asks him how can he do this, when he promised her that they will have a happy family. She wants both her parents.

Sikandar tells her that he can’t tolerate Lovely now. Amyra blames Kulfi for distancing Sikandar from them. She asks Sikandar how could be choose Kulfi over Lovely and her. She can see his love for Kulfi. She turns furious with his decision. Sikandar isolates himself and gets away from family. Kulfi breaks his sorrowful bubble by singing a lovely song. She hugs Sikandar and asks him to stay happy.

Sikandar tells her that she isn’t the problem, he is at fault and he is bearing the punishment for his misdeeds. He regrets over his bad past and hurting Nimrat. He sinks in guilt. He misses Amyra and cries. Kulfi believes that he will convince Amyra. Kulfi is happy to know that Sikandar is happy. Nimrat turns angry seeing Kulfi. She just wants to marry Sikandar. Gunjan wants Sikandar to marry Nimrat soon. Mohendar agrees with Gunjan. Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to get forced again. Sikandar refuses to marry again. He tells Mohendar that he doesn’t want to fall in love. He feels he has learnt a lesson of life. Mohendar asks him to move on in life. Sikandar misses his first love Nimrat. Kulfi feels proud of his decision. Kulfi tries to bring happiness in Sikandar’s life and asks him to marry Nimrat.


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