High Five Spoilers: Anurag Prerna wedding and more

High Five Spoilers: Anurag Prerna wedding and more

Anurag Prerna wedding in Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag meets Prerna at the greetings shop. He plans to confess love to her. He gets imagining a sweet moment between them and then gets courage to confess his feelings. Before he could confess love, Prerna gets surrounded by danger. Navin gets back to take revenge on Anurag and get his obsession fulfilled for Prerna. He gets Prerna kidnapped by his goons. Anurag learns about Prerna’s kidnapping when he shouts to him for help. Navin gets Anurag bashed up by his goons. Anurag gets into trouble. Navin threatens to kill Anurag and compels Prerna to marry him. She is ready to do anything for Anurag. She struggles to get free from Navin.

She stops when she hears about Anurag’s life in danger. She can’t see Anurag in trouble. Navin gets the sindoor to fill her hairline. Anurag stops Navin and turns heroic again. He beats up Navin and protects Prerna. The lovers flee and reach the temple, where Anurag fills sindoor in her hairline and marries her. He tells her that he has taken this big step not just to protect her, but also because he loves her a lot. Anurag makes his love confession to Prerna. She also confesses her love to him and gets happy. Anurag and Prerna’s marriage will be seen.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika gets a huge hock seeing Sahil close with Pankti. She didn’t think Sahil will cheat her this way. She cries a lot and thinks of Sahil’s love. Sahil and Pankti are struck by someone’s evil plan. They fainted down and got into the odd situation. Pankti wakes up and asks Sahil to wake up. She sprinkles water over his face. She asks him how did they come here. Pankti’s mum has turned selfish and wants to break Vedika and Sahil’s marriage. Manjula sees Sahil with Pankti, and scolds Pankti. Pankti doesn’t know what happened. Pankti’s mum slaps Sahil and vents anger on him to put fake blames on him. Vedika gets hurt and runs out of there. Pankti and Sahil want to get Vedika back and explain her that she didn’t do anything.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan falls in trouble when some goons land home to kidnap her. Guddan shouts to get some help. The bahus find Guddan in trouble. They scold the goons and ask them to leave Guddan. The goons try to stab Guddan to death. A guy Vikram Rawat makes an entry on time. He beats up the goons. Akshat reaches late and asks Guddan the matter.

Akshat thanks Vikram. He also bashes up the goons. Vikram has returned in Akshat’s life to take revenge. He feels Akshat is responsible for Antara’s death. He plants the fake goons to act like a hero, so that he can impress the family. Akshat gets impressed and loves Vikram. Guddan gets suspicious about Vikram. Everyone accepts Guddan as Akshat’s wife happily. She now has to save Akshat from Rawat.

Internet Wala Love: Jai and Aadhya come closer after love confession. Their hearts are uniting, but they are unaware of the upcoming danger which will hit their relation. Rupa says Aadhya can never become Jai’s life partner and she will cross all limits to make sure that Aadhya is out of Jai’s life. Shubhankar comes back and comes to know about Aadhya and Jai’s love. He says I won’t let Aadhya’s name connect with Jai. Jai comes to meet Aadhya to her house and gets romantic. He lifts her in his arms and confesses love again. Aadhya is happy that Jai also loves her. Jai tells that he realized it late, but he loves her very much.

Roop: Samridh and Bua are creating troubles for Kamla and her kids to take revenge from Shamsher and his family. Roop gets more upset with Shamsher. Shamsher wants to see Roop settled with police job. Samridh distributed the snacks to the constables in the Police station. Shamsher tastes it and realizes that it was made by Kamla. He checks the packet and sees Kamla and her daughters’ name written. He gets angry.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar’s thinking has changed for Kalyani and he gets softer towards her. Sampada snatches the baby from Kalyani and insults everyone badly. Malhar burns her belongings and ends all relation with Sampada. Kalyani takes the baby from Sampada forcibly. Sampada calls her Aaya/caretaker.

She asks Kalyani to return the baby to her and says she is his mum. Malhar brings firewood and warns Sampada to stay away from his baby. He asks her if she knows how one feels when the fire touches the body and says it really pains. He says I felt this pain daily after you left and burnt in this fire every moment. He says I will make you feel this pain of burning in fire. He comes in front of Kalyani and Moksh and threatens to burn Sampada. He tells her that Kalyani is Moksh’s mother and is crying seeing her baby crying and is not selfish like her. He takes a stand for Kalyani and gives Moksh’s mother position to her. Sampada gets angry. She insults him and challenges to return to take the baby.


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