Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Marriage twist to create a storm

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Marriage twist to create a storm

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Marriage twist. Sikandar tells his brother that he can never fall in love with anyone. Nimrat tries to impress him and also Kulfi. She reminds him that even her name is Nimrat. Kulfi feels Nimrat can become a part of his life. She also thinks Sikandar should marry Nimrat. Nimrat tells Kulfi that she wants Sikandar to befriend her. She feels like an outsider. She plays with Kulfi’s emotions. Gunjan knows Kulfi can convince Sikandar. She brainwashes Kulfi and asks her to convince Sikandar for marriage by any way possible. The family asks Kulfi to help them in showing the right path to Sikandar. Kulfi agrees to help them for the sake of Sikandar’s happiness.

Lovely turns upset when she finds Amyra longing for Sikandar. Amyra tells her that she has lost everything in her life. She wants both her parents. Kulfi tries to talk to Sikandar. She tells him that she wants to take a decision for him. She makes him promise and asks him to marry Nimrat. He can’t agree to this. Nimrat gets happy with Kulfi’s move. Sikandar denies to marry anyone. Lovely wants to postpone the marriage. She just wants to buy some time for saving her marriage for Amyra’s sake. Sikandar asks Kulfi not to ask for anything wrong. Kulfi asks him to think for his family, who wants to see him happy. Lovely gets upset and realizes that Kulfi is planning Sikandar’s second marriage with Nimrat.

She asks Kulfi who has taught her to plan a marriage. She reprimands Kulfi. Sikandar asks Lovely not to scold Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t want Lovely to fight with Sikandar and make him unwell again. Lovely asks Kulfi to ruin her life like always. She yells at Sikandar for supporting such back stabbers, who are ruining their marriage. She insults Kulfi and calls her a curse for them. Sikandar defends Kulfi. Lovely asks lawyer to tell Sikandar that its too early to prepare for the second marriage. She asks Sikandar to wait until the divorce happens. She asks the family if they are happy by ousting her.

She angers Sikandar a lot by tagging him characterless. She fumes on Sikandar and Nimrat. Kulfi cries seeing another fight. Kulfi can’t see Sikandar’s humiliation. Nimrat declares that she will marry Sikandar. Lovely asks them to get married then. Sikandar takes a big move in anger. He accepts that he is the worst husband, just because of her. He doesn’t want to feel suffocated with Lovely. He decides to give another chance to his life by marrying Nimrat. Amyra gets a huge shock with Sikandar’s decision. Kulfi worries for Amyra’s future.


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