High Points in Ishq SubhanAllah and Aapke Aa Jane Se

Points in Ishq SubhanAllah and Aapke Aa Jane Se

High Points in Ishq SubhanAllah: Elena is getting married to Sameer. Sameer enjoys his party and dances with the girls. Kabeer and Zara want to break the marriage. Elena is marrying Sameer only because of Zeenat’s pressure. Kabeer fails to stop Elena’s engagement with Sameer, even when he calls the police there. Elena tells them that she is doing the engagement with her will. Aisha and Shahbaz are worried for their daughter. Zara wants Elena to marry in a decent family. Elena is afraid that Zeenat will ruin Shahbaz and family respect. She is sacrificing her life for the sake of family. Kabeer tells Elena that he is with her and will support her always./

Zeenat scares Elena and takes her for the engagement. Elena gets heartbroken. Kabeer and Zara find a new hope when they meet an army officer Arez. Arez tells them about his personal and professional lives. He tells them that he has lost his hand because of a blast in battlefield. He stays positive and impresses Kabeer with his talks.

Kabeer tells him the reason for his sorrow. Arez offers them help knowing the situation in Elena’s life. He tells them that even his sister went through the same situation and he can understand Elena’s mental pressures. Kabeer and Zara decide to take Arez home and put up a drama to break the marriage.


Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil supports Pankti when the women humiliate her. The women protest and try to blacken Pankti’s face. Pankti can’t bear the insult. She fights with them to save herself. Sahil answers the women and tells them that they can’t punish anyone by crossing the limits of humanity. Pankti doubts that her mum has put her in this problem, just to unite her with Sahil. She knows Sahil can never be of her. She wants her mum to understand the facts. Pankti tells her mum that she will end ties with her if she knows her involvement in this cheap act. Pankti respects Sahil and Vedika, and want to just remain their friend.


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