High Five Spoilers: Yeh Un Dinon Kundali Bhagya

High Five Spoilers: Yeh Un Dinon Kundali Bhagya

Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Kundali Bhagya: Defense lawyer calls Monisha to the witness box and tells Judge that his client Rishabh Luthra is innocent in Rithvik’s murder case. Monisha comes to the witness box. Karan is hopeful that she will say truth because of the marriage and property deal which he did with her. Defense Lawyer asks Monisha to tell. Monisha is about to tell that Rishabh is innocent. Prithvi and Sherlyn get tensed. They try to manipulate Monisha again and stop her from giving such statement. Preeta realizes her feelings for Karan and gets emotional with the thought of separation from him.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Bela goes to buy nightie for Naina to give with her bidaai stuff. They come to the hosiery shop. Salesman asks what to show? Bela shyly says nightie. They see Sameer there asking Salesman to give Pink nightie with lace, which the mannequin is wearing. Bela, Naina and Preeti see him there selecting nightie. They have an awkward moment as both have come to buy same thing.

Naina and Preeti don’t understand why Bela and Sameer are shying to buy nightie. Bela wants to explain Naina few things regarding the marriage. Sameer makes sure that Naina gets the best things in her life. He wants a peaceful and lovely marriage with Naina. Sameer and Naina get ahead with the haldi celebrations. Sameer gets happy and imagines Naina with him. Sameer gets the haldi applied to him by his friends Munna and Pandit. They play with haldi. The marriage arrangements go on well. Sameer feels Naina’s presence and shares a moment with her. He knows Naina truly loves her. He is excited for marriage and also handles his financial tensions. He decorates the car so that he can get his bride in it.

Jiji Maa:

The workers lose their cool when Suyash doesn’t accept their demands. The workers get attacked by some goons, who are sent by Abhishek. The goons tell them that Suyash has sent him. The goons beat the workers. Suyash gets arrested for the violent move. Falguni witnesses everything and knows that Suyash can’t do anything such with the workers. She explains the workers that Suyash can’t do this, someone else is doing this to defame Suyash and take advantage of the strike. The workers don’t listen to her and want Suyash to pay for the crime. Falguni reaches the police station to help Suyash. She tries to prove his innocence and bail him out. Suyash refuses to take her help.

He asks Falguni to leave. Vidhaan tells Suyash that Falguni has helped him all the time and even this she won’t go without helping him. Vidhaan tells him that Falguni is their well wisher. Falguni tells the inspector that Suyash is innocent, the proof against him is wrong, he is a famous businessman and has many enemies, who had planned this to spoil his reputation. Suyash yells at Falguni and asks her to stop the drama. He suspects Falguni and feels she is the one who has planned this along with workers. He doesn’t believe Falguni. He asks Vidhaan to realize her clever plans. He opts to stay behind bars than accepting her help.

Roop: Roop scolds Kinjal and Roop. He tells that he don’t want her to study further and asks her not to go against him. He tells that he wouldn’t have known about their namkeen business, if Samru had not brought namkeen packets to him. He says he is thankful to Samru. Roop gets doubtful about Samru and thinks he showed namkeen packets to Shamsher deliberately. He decides to find Samru’s truth. Bua and Samru want to separate all family members from Shamsher, before killing them.


Ronak and Sujoy learn about their lovers’ wishes. They want to fulfill the wishes so that they can go ahead in the journey of love. Muskaan doesn’t sense that an enemy is close to her. Muskaan stays happy in the bubble of joy because of her bestie Sujoy. Sujoy wants to propose Muskaan for marriage. He wants to first express his love so that Muskaan doesn’t reject him. Sujoy wants Muskaan to accept his proposal. Ronak makes a mind that he will be marrying Kajal for the sake of Gaytari’s happiness. Ronak wants to marry Kajal soon, but after winning her heart. He doesn’t want his past to overshadow his present happiness. The radio Love Guru tips work for both Ronak and Sujoy.


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