Udaan: Chakor and Raghav to get separated

Udaan Chakor and Raghav to get separated

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Udaan Chakor and Raghav face separation. Imli asks Chakor and Raghav to get separated if they want Anjor to get fine. She asks them if they don’t want Anjor to recover soon. She says this will be possible only if Raghav gets away from the house. Doctor tells Chakor about Anjor’s mental trauma, which can get worse with Raghav’s presence. He suggests them that Raghav shouldn’t meet Anjor. Chakor gets troubled. Imli also asks Chakor to send Raghav away. She asks Raghav to leave the village and go far from Anjor’s life if he wants Anjor’s safety. Raghav feels bad as he loves Anjor like his child. He is unhappy with Anjor’s reaction. Raghav tells Chakor that he is very broken up inside, but he will leave if its for Anjor’s betterment.

Chakor also wants Raghav to leave, and reminds him that she has made the deal with him just for saving Anjor’s life, and when Anjor is in trouble because of her lie, then she will try to keep Anjor’s wish. She knows Anjor wants Raghav away. Chakor tells Raghav that their love and relation won’t matter if Anjor is unhappy.

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She asks him to leave from their lives with a painful heart. Raghav feels shattered. He makes a request that he wants to see Anjor once. He meets Anjor and cries out his heart. He picks one of her picture before leaving to have some memory of it.
Chakor cries for Raghav, after he leaves the house. Imli consoles Chakor and asks her not to think of Raghav. She persuades Chakor to hink for Anjor. Chakor tells Imli that she has done much wrong with Raghav, she has got Raghav home for her motives and when her task ended, she has thrown him out of the house. She feels guilty for doing injustice with Raghav. Imli pacifies her and asks her to have food. She feeds the food to Chakor with love.


Roop and Ishika have cute tom and jerry fights. Roop is frustrated as he is jobless. Ishika takes support of the magazine to motivate him. She wants him to apply for jobs with ease. She tells him that he can do modelling as well and praises his looks. She asks him to start a business.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep tells Raj that he has lost totally. He warns Raj against hurting Aarohi. He throws a drink at Raj’s face. Raj gets revengeful against Deep. He tells her that Aarohi will be just of him. Aarohi wants to clear her confusion about them. She goes out with Raj to spend time. Raj gets happy with her invite. He gets ready to go on a date with Aarohi. Deep wants to save her from Raj.







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