Udaan Imli turns negative Raghav gets tortured

Udaan Imli turns negative Raghav gets tortured

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Udaan Imli turns negative. Lallan injures Raghav and gets him to the godown. He keeps Raghav captive. He gives electric shocks to Raghav and tortures him. Imli learns about Raghav’s kidnapping. She reaches there and gets a huge shock seeing his state. Imli wants to prove that she has changed. She wants to get Raghav in her life. Imli has separated Chakor and Raghav forever. She acts selfish to snatch Chakor’s love. She has taken help from Bhanu to get Raghav. She scolds Bhanu for torturing Raghav. Bhanu tells her that he is doing this just for her sake, he is giving him the shock treatment so that Raghav loses his memory and forgets Chakor forever.

He tells her that he is her well wisher and did a big favor on her. He says Raghav will forget Chakor and Anjor completely. Imli doesn’t want Raghav to go through this pain. Imli hopes that Raghav really forgets Chakor and Anjor. Raghav wanted to leave Aazaadgunj and get away. Raghav didn’t imagine that this will happen with him, and even Imli will support the evil man Bhanu. Imli is obsessed with Raghav and wants his love. She lets Raghav suffer so that she can win his heart. She hopes that Raghav loses his memory and they start fresh. Chakor has no idea about Raghav’s state. She thinks Raghav has left Aazaadgunj.

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Jai and Aadhya take a big decision to test their compatibility with their families. Jai goes to stay with Aadhya’s family, while she stays with Jai’s family. Shubhankar gets a chance to torture Jai. He makes Jai the house servant. He scolds Jai and pin points at every work. Jai gets upset and gets head with the household chores. Aadhya lights the diya in temple and prays. She tries to impress Rupa. Shubhankar is trying to irritate Jai so that Jai leaves on his own. He opens the taps and makes the floor watery. He wants Jai to complete the never ending work. Jai knows Shubhankar’s plans well. He is ready to bear the tortures to win Shubhankar’s heart. Aadhya gets troubled by Rupa in a similar way.







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