Silsila Kunal stirs storm in Mauli-Ishaan’s relation

Silsila Kunal tag for Mishti gets upsetting

Silsila Kunal stirs storm. Mauli gets a huge shock on seeing Mishti and Pari home. She finds Kunal treating Pari. Kunal tells Mauli that he wants to start a family soon and is rehearsing managing kids right now. Ishaan feels bad hearing this. Mauli knows Pari is happy on meeting her dad, but stays on toes to send kids away soon. She doesn’t want kids to blurt out anything related to past. Kunal likes meeting Pari. He wants her to come home again. Ishaan asks Mauli to see Kunal and Pari’s happiness on meeting. Moreover, Kunal gets talking about having kids. He asks Mauli to support his decision. He gets Nandini’s name in mind and mentions her again. He revives the bad memories for Mauli. She tells him that she doesn’t want to have any baby. She gets irritated hearing about Nandini. Ishaan feels bad and insecure. Mauli calls up Ishaan.

Mauli tells Ishaan that he has taken a big risk, since the kids would have told the truth to Kunal and hurt his mind. She asks Ishaan to think of Kunal, who won’t be able to handle the truth at once. She reprimands Ishaan for not considering Kunal’s health. Ishaan explains her that he got Pari to meet Kunal so that Pari gets fine. He tells her that he also wants Kunal to get fine soon, so that the drama ends soon.

Ishaan tells her that he is much hurt hearing Kunal. Mishti and Pari overhear Mauli and Ishaan’s argument and feel bad. Ishaan gets fed up of the drama. He wants to get Mauli home.

Mauli too wants to leave Kunal’s place. Pari gets scared. Mishti pacifies her and tells her that everything will turn good. Pari promises to make Mauli and Ishaan patch up again. She makes a plan to get Kunal’s memory back. Mauli tells Dida and Radhika about her fight with Ishaan. They support Ishaan and ask Mauli to understand his feelings too. Kunal tells Mauli that he accepts his mistake and apologizes for forcing his wishes on Mauli. Mauli finds the kids home once again. She wonders why Ishaan got them again. She learns the kids have come on their own. Kunal likes to spend time with Mishti and Pari.

Mauli gets worried when Mishti calls her mum. Kunal feels Mishti is missing her mum. He plays with kids. Radhika wants Ishaan and Mauli’s relation to stay fine. She pities Kunal’s state. Dida asks Radhika not to take any tension and leave everything on destiny. Dida gets a wish to see Kunal and Mauli united with the kids. Radhika asks Dida not to dream such a thing, since this will be injustice with Ishaan. Radhika don’t want Mauli to cheat Ishaan. Pari takes Kunal out with a plan to revive his memory. Will Pari succeed in her motives? Keep reading.

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