Yeh Un Dinon OMG Twist for Sameer Naina’s love

Yeh Un Dinon Sufiyana Pyaar Ishq

Yeh Un Dinon OMG Twist. Sameer and Naina can’t live without each other. They are like inseparable. Their love has won over all odds. They can’t stay distant even before their marriage. Sameer always gets kiddish and puts themselves in trouble. He tells Naina that he is counting days for their marriage. He hugs her and gets romantic to pull her leg, knowing she is too shy. Naina tells him that if anyone spots them together, it will be another chance to taunt on their relationship. Sameer asks her not to have any fear, since their love isn’t any crime.

Their love relationship really appears like a crime to a police who puts limits on their meeting in the strange situation. The police constable asks their names and family background to complain. Sameer tells him that he belongs to decent family. Constable tells him that decent family children don’t meet in such a way at isolated places. Sameer manages to flee with Naina, so that they don’t get any stains on their clean background. Sameer drops Naina back to her house.

Naina is excited to start a new life with Sameer. She gets emotional and thinks that she will have to leave her family and house. She thinks she will be missing everyone and especially her moments in her house. The family prepares to leave for the farmhouse where they are conducting the marriage. Anand asks Naina to get ready and come fast. Naina cries seeing her house. She thinks she will not be returning to this house after marriage. She knows Rakesh is still upset with her.

She wants Rakesh to accept Sameer happily. She has mixed emotions knowing her world is going to change soon. Rakesh doesn’t accompany Bela and Anand and tells them that he will be coming in the marriage as a guest. Naina wishes Rakesh comes in the marriage and showers love and blessings on her during the Bidaai.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:

Samar takes a Simba’s avatar and takes the bull dozer to break down Satya Devi’s house, since Satya has sent fake IT officers to trouble his family. He challenges Satya Devi once again. He wants to teach her a lesson. She is troubling Samar and his family a lot.

He tackles Satya and tells her that he will not spare her house. His plan fails when Jaya intervenes. Jaya calls the senior authorities and gets to control Samar. Samar was just scaring Satya and didn’t mean to break her house. He cares for Jaya’s sentiments. He doesn’t want to break Jaya’s heart. He calms down his anger and tells Satya that she will fail to separate Jaya and him. Satya gets Jaya against Samar. He plans a special romantic surprise for Jaya. He hopes to patch up with her. He will be revealing a big truth of Satya’s past.


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