Ishqbaaz Shivaansh makes a big secret revelation

Ishqbaaz Shivaansh makes a big secret revelation

Ishqbaaz Shivaansh makes a revelation. Shivaansh reveals his fatal heart disease truth to Varun. Varun turns clever and tries to convince Shivaansh for marriage. He wants to get Shivaansh married to Mannat, so that he can get Shivaansh’s property by killing him. Shivaansh gets stressed and tells Varun that Nani is critical. Varun tells him that Nani is worried for him, she is stressed because he didn’t agree for marriage. He asks Shivaansh why doesn’t he want to marry. He is using Mannat in his plans. He wants to get Shivaansh’s property transferred to Mannat. Shivaansh doesn’t want to get married because of his fatal heart state.

He tells Varun that he has no problem with marriage, he can’t get married since he is going to die soon. He tells Varun that he has no time to get married and ruin a girl’s life. He tells about his critical illness. Varun gets happy knowing this. He wants Shivaansh out of the game. He asks Shivaansh is he lying to avoid the marriage. He asks him to say the truth.

Shivaansh tells him that he wishes it could be a lie, but this is truth. Varun cries in front of Shivaansh and hugs him. He expresses his grief to Shivaansh. He has a plan to snatch everything from Shivaansh. He thinks Shivaansh’s disease is a good thing for him to use in his plans. The entire family wants Shivaansh to get married, since its Nani’s last wish. Varun wants to make Shivaansh emotional about Nani so that he agrees to marry Mannat before dying. He thinks he doesn’t need to murder Shivaansh.


He wants Shivaansh to marry Mannat before dying, so that the big task gets done on its own. He finds Shivaansh weird to miss out marriage in his life. He wants to get Shivaansh married by deciding everything for him. Varun blackmails Mannat and makes her steal a file from the hospital. He traps Shivaansh and Mannat in his plans cunningly. Mannat gets much hatred for Shivaansh. She feels Shivaansh is the blackmailer.


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