Kaal Bhairav curse cross tags Veer shockingly

Kaal Bhairav curse cross tags Veer shockingly

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Kaal Bhairav curse cross tags Veer. Mystery keeps intensifying even when Veer and Archie unmask many involved in the killings of royal family members. Maharani, Bhairavi and Rajguru are already exposed for their evil acts. Bhairavi was a puppet working for Maharani and died by Rajguru’s hands. Rajguru’s evil intentions and the revengeful ire gets known when Veer and Archie find the lost members of royal family. The mystery doesn’t end here. Veer concludes that Rajguru had been killing the people since last 40 years, but the curse killings are happening since 150 years. He wants to know if its really Lali’s curse.

Rajguru reveals to Archie that he has just murdered the daughters of the royal family, not the heirs. Archie gets a new mystery to solve. She has to find the person murdering the heirs before they reach the age of 30 years. Archie recalls how Yash, Kedar and many more people have died by the hands of the culprits. She knows that Maharani has herself killed Yash in her blind beliefs of awakening her dead sons.

She learns that Rajguru had killed Kedar to prevent his truth from coming out. Archie now wants to know the truth behind the killings of precious kings and heirs. Archie gets restless when Rajguru names Veer as the culprit before his death. It gets more puzzling for her when she loses the last hope to reach truth.

Archie wants to know the truth behind the long old curse, by wiping off the misconceptions. Archie has a new mission on her shoulders now. Archie knows Veer is absolutely innocent and he is a victim in the tale. Archie wants to find out what Rajguru wanted to conclude before his death. Rajguru had meant someone closely related to Veer is doing this. Will Archie find out Veer’s enemy and also make him rid of all the blames in time? Keep reading.







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