Kulfi experiences paranormal moment; Lovely at target

Kulfi experiences paranormal moment; Lovely at target

Kulfi experiences paranormal moment. Kulfi’s faith breaks when Sikandar chooses Amyra and Lovely, not her. She gets crying and is much hurt. She doesn’t know why her dad didn’t keep his promise once again. She wants to get her answers. She reaches the temple to question the Goddess about snatching her happiness. She challenges the Goddess and asks her to stop Sikandar from ending ties with her. She doesn’t want Sikandar to leave her alone. She doesn’t want to live alone in the world. She wants her father, since its her right. She wants to tell Sikandar that she is his daughter. She asks Nimrat to answer her questions. She blames Nimrat for leaving her alone to deal with this big sorrow.

She tests Nimrat’s love and asks her to save her life if she really loves her. She risks her life by standing in front of the truck. Nimrat’s soul really appears and saves Kulfi from death. Kulfi gets help from a couple who learn that she is Sikandar’s relative. They drop her back to Sikandar’s house.

Kulfi feels Sikandar must have found her and got her home when she fainted on the road. She wants to meet Sikandar. He sheds tears thinking of the tough task of making Kulfi away. He stays alone away from his family and thinks of his relations with both Kulfi and Amyra. He feels he has a relation of heart and soul with them, though not of blood.

He deals with his traumatic situation of abandoning his angel Kulfi. Kulfi gets to hear his painful speech and feels bad for him. He thinks of Amyra and falls weak. He wants to sacrifice his bond with Kulfi in order to save Amyra. Kulfi feels bad that he has decided to leave her. She finds him crying and cries along with him.

She connects with his pain. She doesn’t want to see him crying. She wants to stay angry on him, so that he doesn’t cry more. She thinks to act normal. She knows he is helpless. Sikandar gets heartbroken to face her. He feels its hard to tell her that he has to leave her.

She wants to hide her sorrow from him. She doesn’t want to cry in front of him. She wants to be strong and give him strength. She thinks he is ending ties with him, since he isn’t aware of their relation. He tells her that a couple saved her life and brought her home. He expresses his concern for her. She keeps a smile, while hiding her tears. Lovely happily arrives home and plans to stay well with Sikandar. She wants to teach everyone a lesson.

She gets annoyed on seeing Kulfi with Sikandar again. She tells the family that Sikandar has decided to live with her again. She doesn’t let him tell about their decision to send Kulfi to boarding school. She doesn’t want the family to reveal the truth that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Kulfi decides to leave for Sikandar’s happiness. Lovely blackmails Sikandar once again and wants Kulfi out.


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