Yeh Un Dinon Shaadi twist for Sameer-Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Huge Clash between Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Shaadi Twist: Sameer and Naina perform for their sangeet. Rakesh’s acceptance for their marriage adds up their happiness in their lives. Munna, Pandit and Sameer perform on dance number too. Bela and Prabha have a songs competition. Taiji and Tayaji get upset seeing their plan failing. Sameer and Naina get ready for their marriage day. The stormy winds and rain create a havoc in Naina’s family. They try to preserve the important things from rains. Bua taunts Naina for eating from Kadai directly. She tells her that its raining on her marriage day because of this deeds. Bua prays that the storms calm down.

Naina gets worried and wants the tension in family to end. The rains stop in the morning. The new morning brings happiness for Naina and family. Sameer’s mum Vishaka gets the bridal lahenga for Naina. Naina gets overjoyed seeing the Shagun. Anand makes Naina wear the Shagun chunri and blesses her. Anand does the Rasam for Naina, as her father.

Everyone likes the pretty costly bridal lahenga. Naina is excited to see the lahenga. She likes Sameer’s choice. They wish Naina to stay happy always. They congratulate Naina and ask her to get decked up soon. Anand and Rakesh ask everyone to hurry up and get ready, they have to be at the marriage hall on time. Naina’s sisters help her in getting decked up in the bridal get up. Naina looks best in the bridal dress. Rakesh’s presence and happiness brings a smile on everyone’s faces. Naina and Sameer will be meeting in marriage mandap and getting married with all the rituals. Naina gets emotional and sheds tears thinking of her Bidaai, and leaving her lovely family. Naina and Sameer’s marriage will also get twists. Keep reading for more on your favorite show.


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