Yeh Un Dinon Sameer goes missing; Baraat pulled up

Upcoming Highlights Yeh Un Dinon and Ek Thi Rani

Yeh Un Dinon Sameer goes missing. Sameer and Naina are succeeding and going towards the final phase of their marriage. Rakesh’s presence gives them utmost happiness. Sameer and Naina are ready for the marriage. A twist comes in the marriage when Sameer learns that the horse isn’t available for him. Sameer wants the horse to ride and take his baraat to Naina. He faces a little hurdle again. The hurdle brings tension in Sameer’s family. Sameer tells Vishaka that he wanted the horse to take his baraat, he really needs the horse so that his dream gets fulfilled. Munna and Pandit were managing his marriage arrangements.

They are asked about not arranging the horse. Munna tells them that he had booked the horse, but since it was raining heavily, he had cancelled the booking. He apologizes and says I didn’t know the rain will stop. Mama blames Munna and Pandit for not doing good arrangements. Bobby asks Sameer to forget the horse and get ready, the baraat will go some how. Sameer doesn’t want anyone to blame his friends.

Sameer dances with his friends. They play dhol and dance, being ready to take the baraat. Sameer was stubborn that he will ride the horse. Bobby asks Sameer to take baraat in a car. Sameer tells him that it was Naina’s wish as well. He thinks if he can arrange the horse some how and please Naina by taking baraat in filmi style. Naina gets ready as the bride. Rakesh fumes on relations and asks them to get ready fast. He asks the relations to be available to welcome the baraat. He doesn’t want anyone to get locked. Rakesh learns that Naina and Preeti are locked inside a room. He asks them to call the girls. He asks why isn’t the door opening. He rushes to help the girls. Meanwhile, Sameer goes missing. His family tries to find him. Sameer rushes to meet Naina before their marriage for the final time.


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