Remove tartar from teeth to have a perfect smile


Remove tartar from teeth. Cleanliness of teeth is of greatest importance not only for the intention of looking attractive but for your overall health. If you have plaque on your teeth, don’t neglect as it forms tartar and leads to bacterial infections, gum swelling and sensitivity. Proper brushing and regular check-ups is a key to maintain good dental health. Whatever food you eat start setting on your teeth that is called plaque which eventually turns into tartar. So, keep your teeth clean to avoid disease and infection and have a bright, healthy smile. In the article we are sharing some tips and remedies to get rid of tartar and plaque.


1. Brush your teeth properly after each meal to prevent tartar formation. Brush all tooth surfaces so that the teeth are clean properly.
2. Always use fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental cavities. Fluoride makes the enamel on teeth stronger and your teeth are less likely to suffer from acidic foods and drinks.
3. Intake of vitamin C fruits improves your dental health and overall health.
4. Drink plenty of water after each meal to wash out any food particles left in the mouth.
5. Consult your dentist for dental check-up and teeth cleaning.

Simple home remedies:

1. Baking soda: It helps in tartar removal and teeth whitening. You have to take 1 tbsp Baking soda, a pinch of salt, toothbrush. Mix the baking soda with salt and lay this mixture on a wet toothbrush. Brush your teeth with the mixture and rinse your mouth. You have take care with the quantity of baking soda used as it can damage tooth enamel.

2. Gargle with an antiseptic Oral Cleanser: It will remove the bacteria build up in your mouth and avoid bad breath. Mix 1 tbsp of antiseptic mouthwash and 3 tbsp of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and gargle for a minute. Follow this by gargling with plain water and do this once in a week.
3. Aloe Vera: It is sour in taste but it can work wonders in removing tartar. Take 1 tsp of aloe Vera gel, 4 tsp of glycerin, 5 tbsp of baking soda, lemon essential oil and a cup of water. Mix all the ingredients and gently brush your teeth. Do this every three to four days till plaque and tartar is removed.


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