Big revelation Kumar Sanu to unite Sikandar and Kulfi

Big revelation Kumar Sanu to unite Sikandar and Kulfi

Big revelation Kumar Sanu Entry is much awaited. Kumar Sanu will be meeting Sikandar and Kulfi in a concert. He learns their blood relations after seeing Nimrat’s diary and picture with Kulfi. He realizes Sikandar and Kulfi’s strong bond. He tells Sikandar about a father who isn’t aware of his daughter. He tells how strongly they both are connected by heart and soul. He tells him that he has come to make a big revelation and unite that father-daughter duo. He admires their unique bond. He tells how the father and daughter find peace with each other, even when they aren’t know the truth of their relation.

Sikandar gets tempted to ask him about the people he is talking about. Sikandar asks him who is that father unaware of his child. Kumar tells him that he will soon learn it. He sings a song to sign Sikandar about his daughter Kulfi. He will be uniting Sikandar by the help of music. Sikandar will learn that Kulfi is his daughter. He will be in bigger dilemma over choosing Kulfi or Amyra, post this revelation. Drama will surely get high with this truth coming out.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Happy complains against Rocky since he has shot Sandhya. She knows Sandhya has saved her life when Rocky was attempting to kill her. She doesn’t want to tolerate more. She takes help from Chintu’s best friend Bappi. Rocky asks Bappi to help him, but Bappi takes Happy’s side. Bappi knows Chintu loved Happy a lot and wants to keep his promise to Chintu, that he will not let anyone harm Happy. Rocky gets arrested for his crime. He tells Happy that he will not spare her once he is out. Happy regrets over her ill fate. She doesn’t want Rocky to get bail. Biji wants to help Rocky, since she hates Happy a lot. Rocky turns more revengeful against Happy.


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