Ishqbaaz Shivika Wala Love for Shivaansh and Mannat

Ishqbaaz Shivika Wala Love for Shivaansh and Mannat

Ishqbaaz Shivika Wala Love. Mannat becomes a dutiful bahu for Oberois. She takes care of Nani, who is her big support. Shivaansh talks to Nani. While they get busy talking, Mannat gets hurt by Nani’s walking stick. Mannat doesn’t mention her pain and stays silent. Mannat feels hurt. Shivaansh observes her and tries to help her by giving an ice pack. He stays distracted from work when Mannat is around. Varun is planning to snatch everything from Shivaansh. He makes some legal documents to get Shivaansh’s signatures. Mahesh and Khanna reach Shivaansh and question him why did he not sign the medical papers of heart transplant surgery yet.

Shivaansh tells them that he had signed the papers. Mahesh checks the file once again. He doesn’t see any signs. They aren’t aware that Varun had swapped the papers so that he can get property papers signed. Shivaansh apologizes to Mahesh and feels Mannat has something to do in this regard. He doubts Mannat. Shivaansh’s siblings tease Mannat by calling her cute Bhabhi ji.

Shivaansh asks Mannat is she happy by fooling everyone in the family. Nani keeps Mannat’s Mu Dikhai rasam at home. Shivaansh looks much upset. He is unhappy with Mannat. He is tolerating everything thinking its a drama going to end soon. He doesn’t know that his marriage has happened for real. Mannat enjoys the function. Nani blesses Mannat and wants her to complete Shivaansh’s life by her love. She wishes them to have a rocking love story like Shivika. Media covers the function and asks Shivaansh to pose with his wife. They question Shivaansh about his surprising marriage. He feels its much of a shock than a surprise. He gets compelled to appear happy with Mannat just for the sake of Nani and media. He asks Mannat not to get any high hopes that he will accept her as his wife.



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