Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Much awaited track lined up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Much awaited track lined up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Much awaited track. Nimrat feels proud seeing Sikandar and Kulfi’s love for each other. She wishes that Sikandar identifies his blood, his daughter. She wants him to know that Kulfi is his daughter. She tells him that Kulfi loves him a lot. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she has completed him and he will be shattered if she leaves him. Nimrat wants him to know the truth soon, before she goes away. Lovely is sure that Nimrat can’t ruin her plans. She wants to throw out Kulfi from the house. Nimrat is sure that time will change and Sikandar will learn the truth. Sikandar and Kulfi prepare to part ways with a heavy heart. They wish the best for each other.

Sikandar worries thinking of her happiness. Kulfi assures him that he will take care of herself just for his sake. Sikandar feels his existence will end if Kulfi goes. He wishes that she could stay with them. Sikandar doesn’t cope up with the sorrow. He packs the stuff for Kulfi. Lovely gets some things for Kulfi as charity. She angers Sikandar further. He gets angry on Lovely for being so cheap minded. Nimrat manages to get her diary from Lovely’s cupboard. She wants Sikandar to read the diary.

Lovely distracts Sikandar by reminding him about Amyra. She asks him to go and meet Amyra. Sikandar meets Kulfi and tells her that she will be soon going. Kulfi checks the bags and likes his thoughtful gifts. He tells her that he will always be there for her. She gives him a letter and asks him to keep everything in mind, so that he fulfills all his responsibilities. He cries reading her letter. He shares an emotional moment with her. He asks her not to worry for him so much. Kulfi tells him that she will miss him a lot. He feels he will never forget her, since she is part of his heart and soul.

He asks Kulfi to grow well in her life. They hug and shed tears. Nimrat wishes Sikandar reads her diary once, so that he can know the truth. Kulfi meets Amyra for the final time. She tells Amyra that she is leaving forever. Amyra doesn’t regret that Kulfi is going away. Kulfi receives just hatred from Amyra. Sikandar picks the diary. Lovely cleverly stops him before he reads the diary. Lovely has evil plans against Kulfi. Nimrat becomes a helpless mother. She wants to find some way to reveal the truth.


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