YRKKH Mystery man turns Naira restless

YRKKH Mystery man turns Naira restless

YRKKH Mystery man twist. Singhanias get Naira to the temple so that she finds some peace. Kartik and Naira want to get their answers from the God. They don’t want their fates to play with them. Kartik realizes that Naira is also in the temple when he hears Naksh and others shouting. Naira prays for a while and then heads to dance with some girls when she hears ghungroo sound. She wears the ghungroos and performs. Kartik and her family watch her dancing and get happy that she couldn’t forget her first love, dance. Naira gets stress free after dancing. Kartik manages her when she falls down. She feels safe when he is around. He doesn’t come in front of her. His face gets covered by some cloth and poster when she tries to see him.

She wants to know who is the mystery man, keeping her safe and making her feel good. She longs for Kartik unknowingly. Kartik wants to meet her with a good plan. He realizes that she is still interested in dance. He gets an idea to meet her with a purpose. Kartik sends a girl with a proposal for dance in a cultural event. Naira agrees to dance as she likes it. She asks the family not to stop her from dancing. The family wants Naira to walk on her chosen path. They are sure that Naira will be fine.

Naksh worries for her safety. He doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of her. The family asks him to think positive and hope for the best. Naksh gives his consent and tells Naira that she can go for the dance practice. Kartik makes a big donation to the lady and asks her not to reveal his name in this matter. She wants to know why is he doing this. He doesn’t reveal the reason. He just wants Naira to be happy and stress free.

Naira wants to go ahead with the dance program. Kartik wants to help her in some way or the other. He is happy to think of her happiness which she will gain by dancing. Kartik misses Naira. Manish wants Kartik to assist them in office. He doesn’t want Kartik to sink in pain. He asks Kartik to get busy in work. Manish and Dadi assure Kartik that they will always support him. Naira gets ready to go for the dance program. Everyone gets happy when Naira remembers Kartik’s mobile number. Naira wants to meet the mystery man.


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