Silsila Upcoming twists and turns for coming week

Silsila Upcoming twists and turns for coming week

Silsila Upcoming twists and turns. Radhika confronts Dida for patching up with Kunal by forgetting his mistakes. She asks Dida not to fall weak and selfish for her love for Kunal. She asks Dida why did she lie and go to meet Mishti. Dida doesn’t want to forget Kunal’s goodness. She wants the destiny to bring Kunal and Mauli together. Radhika worries for Ishaan, who has made generous efforts for their family selflessly. She asks Dida to think where does Mauli’s happiness lies. Dida tells her that Mauli will be happy with Kunal. She tells Radhika that Mauli and Kunal should unite and love their children, making a happy family. Radhika wants Mauli to marry Ishaan. She doesn’t want to forgive Kunal for cheating Mauli.

Mauli apologizes to Ishaan again and again. He feels sorry to think that Mauli is falling for Kunal again. He comes to terms with the reality, when he has no option left. He knows his time with Mauli has become those good moments to cherish, since he can never get Mauli’s love. He doesn’t want Mauli to feel guilty. He wants to accept Mauli and Kunal’s relation truth. Mauli knows she is hurting Ishaan a lot. She feels bad and remorseful for playing with Ishaan’s feelings.

Ishaan tells her that his time is running bad, but he hopes time heals their wounds. He tells her that he can’t see her upset ever. Mauli knows his love for her. Ishaan tells her that she means a lot to him, he wants to give her lifetime happiness. He expresses his love to Mauli. Ishaan doesn’t want Kunal to catch Mauli talking to him. He tells her that fate will not let them unite and maybe this is really the truth. He apologizes to her. Kunal really catches Mauli conversing with Ishaan. He thinks its high time that he should confront Mauli. She behaves mysteriously, which grows Kunal’s suspicion. Kunal gets angry on seeing her clearing the call logs. He stays restless to know the truth.

After she sleeps, he checks her purse to read the love note. He finds out that Mauli is cheating him. He can’t believe this, but gets the piece of evidence. He goes mad in anger and ruins her gifts. He decides to confront her. Sweety finds Ishaan upset. He scolds her for hurting the kids’ sensitive mind.

Sweety apologizes for her mistake. She asks him to think of his future, Mauli can never love him, he can’t take Kunal’s place. She tells him that he can never marry Mauli now. She reveals how Mauli was giving gifts and flowers to Kunal. She gets mistaken of Mauli’s intentions. He fills Ishaan’s ears against Mauli. She fears that Ishaan will break down because of his one-sided love. She suggests him to move on in life by accepting Mauli’s love for Kunal. She doesn’t want him to get hurt.

Ishaan understands her concern. He feels sorrow that he couldn’t win Mauli’s love. He also realizes that Mauli never expressed her love to him, she never told him that she loves him. He wonders if she loves Kunal. Ishaan decides to meet Mauli and know if she really loves him. Kunal catches them red-handed, and wants to get his answers for Mauli’s big deceive.


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