Yeh Rishta and Kulfi Kumar Upcoming THIS week

Yeh Rishta and Kulfi Kumar Upcoming THIS week

Yeh Rishta and Kulfi Kumar What twists to expect is the coming episodes. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira falls for Kartik once again. Kartik becomes Sid and shows her a new path to find happiness and peace. Naira takes Krish in arms and dances, while telling about her crush for Sid. She tells Krish that she has developed a liking for Sid. She is very happy. She thinks this is the only positive thing that happened post her memory loss.

Kartik is with her only to protect her from everyone. He guides her so that she doesn’t lose courage. He motivates her on every step. She gets much emotions in heart when she meets Sid/Kartik. She is worried by the storm in her heart. She doesn’t know why is she much influenced by Sid. Kartik reminds her the old moments. He is sure that their old gestures will surely trigger her memory. He wants her to stay inspired, no matter what happened. Their love story begins well.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: When Sikandar doesn’t get to see Kulfi’s name written in the diary, he gets restless. He wants to know about Kulfi. He wants Nimrat to tell him who is their daughter.

Nimrat asks him to close his eyes and thinks by his heart, who is his daughter, the one who has entered his heart by a sweet voice. He realizes that its Kulfi, who made a place in his heart in no time. He gets too happy knowing Kulfi is his daughter. Nimrat succeeds in her attempts. Sikandar recalls the moments with Kulfi.

Nimrat helps him in learning the truth. Sikandar loses Kulfi. He fails to track Kulfi. He is compelled by Lovely and Amyra. Sikandar is much upset. He wants to do justice with his daughter. He faces the truth when it gets too late. He misses to find Kulfi at the boarding school. He learns Lovely’s new conspiracy against Kulfi. Sikandar connects the dots only to realize that Lovely had known this truth before and that’s why she hates Kulfi a lot.


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