Kulfi Kumar Sikandar devastated Lovely’s biggest challenge

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar devastated Lovely's biggest challenge

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar devastated. Sikandar reads Nimrat’s diary and learns about his daughter. He doesn’t get to read the name and thinks of the sweet memory when Nimrat and he decided the daughter’s name. He wants to know the name of their daughter. Nimrat wants him to remember that their daughter is Kulfi. Sikandar runs to check Nimrat’s memories so that he gets an answer to his questions. He recalls their sweet memories of the past to know the name of his daughter. He realizes that Kulfi is his daughter. He can’t believe this. He feels miserable and happy at the same time. He deals with his mixed emotions. He realizes his relation with Kulfi by recalling his moments with her. He decides to go to the boarding school and get Kulfi back. He sheds a flood of tears. Nimrat wants him to go fast and get Kulfi back.

Sikandar tells Nimrat that he won’t let his daughter go anywhere. Nimrat gets overjoyed. She trusts Kulfi’s love. She wishes Kulfi unites with Sikandar. She feels her motive to come to the world for complete. Sikandar rushes to meet Kulfi. He fails to find her. His wait to meet Kulfi gets bigger. He heads to the boarding school to meet his daughter Kulfi.

A bigger shock awaits him, while he plans to hug Kulfi and reveal the truth to her. He wishes that his life would have been something else if he was with his family. He gets into a dreamy world of Nimrat and Kulfi. Sikandar gets happy. He thinks how will he talk to her when she comes. He wants to apologize to her first. He gets a big shock knowing she isn’t there at the school. He wonders where did Kulfi go. He learns that he got cheated when he finds a different form at the boarding school. He realizes Lovely’s big lie. He comes home to meet Lovely and ask her about Kulfi.


Amyra plays with him and asks him never to say he will die. Amyra is happy that they are a family again. She thanks him. He tells her that he is very happy. He hopes Lovely will tell him the truth about his real daughter Kulfi. Lovely throws a big challenge at Sikandar to find Kulfi if they can. She reveals to Sikandar that his entire family knew this truth already and had hidden it from him. Sikandar breaks down.


  1. I think the serial kulfi Kumar bajewala must go offair. Unnecessarily they are dragging and we are fed up with nonstop crying of sikandar. Being a man instead of facing lovely he cries like impotent ( namard) His brother Mahendra another hijjida being a male does nothing , and I don’t understand how these good for nothing’s are ready to act for such a kind of story line. Plz stop this serial as early as possible. It’s not atall difficult to find kulfi atall, since this sikandar can tell lovely that he is going to tell the truth to amyara that she is Tevars illegitimate child and he can also give police complaint. So this story has become meaningless. Vidya Sinha has no other work in home to do or what? ,doing this nonsense role. Plz stop this.

    • Yes very true. Both the brothers are good for nothing

      I don’t know why Sikander is running like a crazy man from this corner to other corner with no clue.

      Yes it’s high time that Sikandar starts to blackmail Lovely and reveal to Amerya Who is her real father

      The story started off well n now going downward.

  2. Lovely being a big cheat she should be thrown out of the house first. She used her own daughter to get Sikander but why? what are we telling the world how to such things to our children or is she teaching the new generation how people should deal this type of serials are not good.

  3. My request is too please wind up this serial. As it’s justv running behind the bushes.
    So much of lies are being taught to little children. If this serial is going to run for a longer period, please tell the audience’s what are you trying to teach little children from this serial. Please request to let go off air this serial soon

  4. I think Mohit isn’t fed up of only crying crying and only crying.
    What the hell makers are doing with the serial and they are just showing and leavinv a small child always in a blunder by this cruel lady, so called lovely.
    Nonsense it is now ….even i have stopped watching this serial


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