Yeh Rishta Valentine Party twist for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Valentine Party twist for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Valentine Party twist. Kartik and Naira learn about the Valentine’s party happening at the Dance academy. The dance teacher asks everyone to choreograph good steps to become winners. He lets them get their dance partners. Naira wants to ask Naksh about participating in the dance program. She thinks of asking Sid. Kartik and Naira have an eye stare. Their chemistry gets better and everyone observes this. Manish and Akhilesh plan to keep Kartik with the clients. They worry for Kartik. They don’t want Naira or Kartik to fall in trouble.

Kartik saves Naira from the trouble. Naira thanks him for saving her life. He tells her that he will always be with her to protect her. She asks him why is he so strange. She tells him that he is cute like a frog. He gets positive that she is connecting to him like before. He reminds her the past and tells her that she is like a lioness. She tells him that he doesn’t bother her at all. He finds Naksh coming to pick her. He hides from Naksh, so that no one’s heart gets hurt.

Naira befriends Kartik. Naira questions Naksh about her dance partner, if she had a boyfriend before. Naksh lies to her that she wasn’t involved with anyone in a relationship ever. She tells him that she asked this so that she can take her boyfriend in the valentines’ party. Naksh doesn’t want her problems and sorrow to get high. She gets happy that she wasn’t related to anyone in the past. She wants to know more about Sid. Kartik arrives home in a more cheerful way. He tells his family that he is working well in his mission to protect Naira.

Manish asks him to handle business as well. They ask Kartik to focus on work well so that their clients aren’t let down. Kartik tells them that he is working hard and already sent the files to them. He asks them to keep a schedule of their meetings and be there on time. Kartik stays positive and surprises the family by his responsible side.

Dadi is proud of him that Kartik has accepted the situation and is sinking himself in work to avoid Naira’s memories. They wish Naira comes back in his life. They aren’t certain that Naira will come back. Meanwhile, Naksh tells Naira that she shouldn’t believe anyone if they come and tell about their relation in the past. He asks Naira not to let anyone take advantage of her. He doesn’t want her to make friends without knowing well.

He worries for her safety. She tells him that she believes them, since she knows right and wrong people. She asks him to let her trust others by her heart. He doesn’t want to take any risk because of Kartik. She doesn’t tell him about Sid, knowing he is very angry types. Naira happily dances with Krish. She shares the good news with Krish, that she has found someone in her life. Everyone gets happy seeing her smiling face. Kirti gets relieved seeing Naira happy with Krish.

Naira starts missing Sid and tries some way to find his contact details. She asks Krish to become her guide in her journey of love. She calls Kartik’s home to know about Sid. Kartik stays busy in work along with Manish and Akhilesh. Naira fails to know about Kartik. She lies just to talk to Sid. Naira turns restless to meet Sid. Kartik turns surprised with her call.


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