Kulfi Kumar Sikandar determines to find his daughter

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Evil entries and evil twists

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar determines to find Kulfi. Kulfi is troubled by the warden. She tells her that she will always obey the rules, she knows the bad qualities spoils a person. She tells the lady that she will not run away, since she has come to learn things. The lady scares her and asks her to just behave well. She tells that when she is sure that Kulfi is obeying rules, she will return her belongings. Kulfi is sure to impress her and get her belongings back. Sikandar tells the family that they are equally responsible as Lovely. He feels Mohendar has back stabbed his trust. He doesn’t want anyone’s help. He tells Gunjan and Bebe that he has to channelise his energy in finding his daughter, and doesn’t want to waste time in arguing with anyone. He hopes that Kulfi stays fine.

Kulfi gets tortured by the lady called Amma. She is too innocent to understand the entire thing happening around. Kulfi gets to learn few things from her. Lovely contacts Amma to know about Kulfi. Amyra gets happy when Sikandar meets her to give medicines. He cares for Amyra. He tells Amyra that he felt love and affection can heal any bitterness, but its not true. He has understood that Lovely can never change. He indirectly scolds Lovely. He asks Lovely to come for a coffee date. She doesn’t want to leave Amyra alone. He asks her to come with him. He takes her to police to question her about Kulfi.

Lovely denies to give any answers. Amma teaches Kulfi to maintain discipline and become hardworking. Kulfi is happy to learn good things while studying. She thanks Amma and tells about her father Sikandar. She praises Sikandar. Amma gets confused seeing her innocence, since she is misled by Lovely. Sikandar asks Lovely to speak out the truth. Inspector asks him to file the report against Lovely if he is sure that she has kidnapped his daughter. Sikandar doesn’t want to put Lovely behind bars for the sake of Amyra. He asks Lovely to just end this evil. Sikandar doesn’t eat food, thinking if Kulfi has taken food.


Kulfi misses Sikandar and thinks if he has taken food. They both eat food, thinking that they have to stay strong and move on in lives. Kulfi meets some kids, who are reforming in the remand home. Kulfi gets scared seeing the tough tasks when she is put in risk. Sikandar tries hard to find Kulfi. Amma doesn’t want her to make any mistake. She scolds Kulfi for breaking the rules. Kulfi bears the tortures, being mistaken of Amma’s intentions.


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