Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ruhi executes her master plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ruhi executes her master plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ruhi finds Raman and Ishita in tension. Yug impresses one and all by acting kind and sensitive. He tells everyone that he won’t be sharing the room with Aaliya until she is comfortable. Shagun tells Ishita that Yug is playing smart and they have to expose him carefully. She is sure that once they expose Yug, they can explain Aaliya as well. Ruhi can’t believe that Yug isn’t Adi. She decides to help Ishita in proving the truth. Raman stays in trouble when Adi’s memories flash in his mind. Ishita doesn’t want Yug to take advantage of Aaliya by using Adi’s name. Aaliya is happy to think that her Adi has come back to her. Meanwhile, Yug is happy that he is close to his love Aaliya. The family talks about Adi. Ishita asks them to test their emotions for Adi. She wants them to ask their heart if Yug is Adi. She doesn’t want anyone to get fooled in emotions.

Even though, she failed to expose Yug, she asks them to at least believe her word. The family is happy that Yug resembles their Adi. She feels that they can accept Yug. Ishita asks them to forget how Yug resembles Adi, and remember that Yug is a stranger, who can ruin Aaliya’s life. She asks them to just think about Aaliya. She is sure that Yug will make some mistake and get caught. Yug wears Adi’s clothes. Everyone gets emotional on seeing him.

Raman and Yug compete in sweets eating game. Ishita is sure that Yug will be exposed soon. Raman recollects the old time and misses Adi. Raman shares his feelings with Ishita. He feels Yug is very much like Adi. Ishita asks him not to fall in Yug’s trap. She asks Yug to manage the little baby. She tells that baby Adi is crying a lot. She reminds him that baby belongs to Roshni and Adi. Ishita wants to put Yug at task. She checks Yug and baby’s connection. She takes Yug’s test. Yug handles the baby well. Ishita gets upset seeing him loving the baby. She thinks he is trying his best to prove that he is Adi. She tells Mani that Yug can be proved dangerous for them. Ruhi wants to help Ishita in exposing Yug.

She takes help from Ranbir. She tells him that he has to harm someone on her orders. He gets scared. She tells him that she will fire him from the job. He agrees to obey her orders.

She asks him to act like he has arrived to harm the baby at the hospital. Ranbir gets panicking. Ruhi wants to know why is Yug playing with the family’s emotions. Karan learns Ruhi’s big plans. He wants to alert Yug so that even Ruhi gets convinced. Rohan lands home to talk to Aaliya and convince her. Yug gets insulting Rohan and reminds him that he is Aaliya’s husband. Karan asks Rohan not to bear the insult further and leave. Karan wishes that Rohan gets more heartbroken so that he forgets Aaliya forever. Rohan and Yug have an argument. Yug asks Rohan to leave from their lives. Ruhi and Ranbir execute the plan. Karan informs Yug about the attack on the baby. Yug reaches the hospital to save the baby.


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