Yeh Rishta Latest Twist Rishi entry to shock Kartik

Yeh Rishta Latest Twist Rishi entry to shock Kartik

Yeh Rishta Latest Twist. Kartik and Naira get chased by the goons, who oppose the lovers celebrating Valentine’s Day. Kartik and Naira reach a Dhaba after running for long. They hide inside the Dhaba. Kartik realizes that such similar incident happened in the past. His hope gets high when Naira reconnects with the past. Kartik gets caught. He bashes up the goons. When he gets targeted, Naira takes a stand for him. She shouts on the goons while defending her love Kartik. He gets overjoyed knowing she is gaining her memory. Naira senses wrong is happening with them, and challenges the goons. She beats up the goons as well, like she has done in the past. She relates to the past moment. She then forgets everything.

She tells Sid that he is her friend and she will protect him. He feels sad that she doesn’t remember him still. The old moment gets recreated by destiny, but she fails to remember their strong bond. Kartik drops Naira home and goes away. Moreover, Naksh gets Naira’s childhood friend in picture. Naira meets her friend and tells him that she doesn’t remember him. Rishi/Rishabh tells her that he wanted to meet her since long.

Naksh wants to make Kartik away from Naira. He gets Rishi in their love story. Rishi will be bringing a storm in KaiRa’s tale. Rishi tries to impress Naira. She doesn’t like to talk to him. She goes home, since he is a complete stranger for her. Rishi gives her time and doesn’t compel her to recall their friendship. He thinks its better if Naksh introduces him to Naira.

Later on, Kartik and Naira meet at the dance class and fail to celebrate Valentine’s Day the way they both wanted. Naira likes the fact that she likes Kartik. Naira is falling for Kartik again. Naksh wants to make sure that Kartik isn’t part of Naira’s life now. He feels Kartik is just a medium of suffering for her. He wants to protect Naira like a dutiful brother would do. He doesn’t realize that he is killing her happiness. Rishi falls in love at first sight with Naira. He wants to win her love some how.


  1. I stop to watch the serial head aches. I once aporeciated it whem there were Hinakhan and specially with bringing out lots of fun ceremonies.

  2. Rishi’s entry in the show is very rediclus , bcoz Naksh is doing very wrong with Kaira. We don’t like which is going now recently .


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