Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Big vow proclaimed by Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Big vow proclaimed by Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Big twists. Sikandar pledges to find his daughter Kulfi. Kulfi gets a new identity in the remand home. She is treated badly by the warden. Sikandar knows that Kulfi was in search for her father, but now he will be in search for his daughter. He promises to get Kulfi back home. He doesn’t want Kulfi to suffer. He vows to Nimrat and himself that he will get justice for their daughter. He doesn’t want to come in Lovely’s words and get blackmailed for Amyra. Sikandar gets determined to reach Kulfi. Meanwhile, Kulfi gets tortured by Amma, who finds new ways to make her life hell. Kulfi gets framed for stealing the food. She gets punished when the other kids steal the food at night.

Amma finds a punishment for her, that’s to overfeed her. She asks Kulfi to finish 10 parathas at once, so that Kulfi gets stomach ache. Kulfi gets forced by Amma to eat the food. She tries to find ways to find happiness around and obey Amma’s rules for the sake of getting Sikandar’s audio back from Amma. Kulfi cries for Sikandar.

She feels she has to be strong to overcome the bad times. She is sure to prove her innocence to Amma. Kulfi will change Amma’s perception about her, and also reform the other kids by her strong determination to keep up her goodness.

Krishna Chali London: Krishna gets tormented by Shukla family, who believe that Krishna is pregnant. They get mistaken that she is carrying Veer’s child. Veer is already angry on Krishna, for cheating him and letting down his hopes. He doesn’t support her and insults her for carrying someone’s child post her husband’s death. Bela throws Krishna out of the house and insults her to the core. Krishna faces a tough time. Meanwhile, Veer refuses to divulge the truth and save Krishna. He then learns that Krishna has done a favor on Naini by making the reports on her name. He realizes that Naini is pregnant, and Krishna was just trying to keep her promise to Naini. Veer gets a huge shock with Krishna’s another big sacrifice.


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