Kulfi Kumar Shocking Truth to knock Kulfi’s way

Kulfi Mysterious entry to trouble Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Shocking Truth. Kulfi learns about a special guest coming. Amma asks the kids to treat the guest well. The kids plan to annoy the guest and also frame Kulfi. Amma asks Kulfi to keep the duty of a class monitor. Kulfi wants to welcome the guest well. Sikandar tries hard to find Kulfi. He gets informed about Kulfi’s location. Lovely feels bad that she has done a mistake and made Amyra sick. Sikandar takes care of Amyra as a dutiful father. Kulfi recalls Sikandar and gains strength with his memories. She sheds tears and misses him. She hears the kids’ plan to add stones in the muffin so that the guest gets his teeth broken. Kulfi wants to save the guest and inform their plan to Amma. Sikandar gets the room cleared.

He gets the medicine box and doesn’t learn about it. Lovely makes a kada to help Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t trust Lovely. He stops her from feeding anything to Amyra. Amyra tells Lovely that she feels very tired. Lovely promises that she will make her fine soon. Kulfi stops the guests from eating the stoned muffin.

She fails the kids’ plan. Sikandar tells Lovely that Amyra’s reports will soon come and they will know the truth soon. He wants to know why is Amyra suffering so much. Lovely feels sorry. Sikandar asks the doctor to inform him about Amyra’s reports soon. He goes out of city to find Kulfi. Kulfi imprsses the guests wuth her innocence. Sikandar misses Kulfi. He is sure that he will find Kulfi. He seeks Kulfi’s guidance in reaching her. He follows his heart so that he can meet his daughter.

Sikandar gets clues about Kulfi. He gets too happy and feels he is on the right track. Kulfi falls in trouble. The kids hurt her and ask her not to fail their plans. Kulfi tells them that they are wrong to trouble Amma. The kids explain why they have made her trick Amma. She cries knowing the kid’s pain and suffering. They reveal the cruel side of Amma. Kulfi learns Amma’s true side. They tell her that she is in a remand home, not a boarding school. Kulfi gets a huge shock knowing she is sent to a juvenile home. Kulfi sinks in sorrow.


  1. At least send that moti hathini to Jail.pls don’t make sikander cry like crazy. We are watching this programme with our children . So far nothing has shown that would motivate them.

  2. Seen all the episodes …is my favourite..but from past few weeks it’s so disappointing and pathetic…story unnecessarily exaggerated..please stop showing such stupidity and show some sense…it’s looking as of m watching crime petrol…

  3. It is time for Sikandar and Kulfi to unite . How long should a child wait ? Guddu needs to come back and make it more interesting. Create trouble for Lovely. Amayra should need his blood… then what??

  4. They r just showing too much…. no mother will give poison for her own child… our children r getting scared to watch dis serial. We were watching dis serial just bcoz of our kids…. now it is become too much nonsense… pls show something good


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